Tell Daddy exactly what you want, Princess!
  • Daddy:-comes back into the room-
  • "What's wrong princess?"
  • Me:-sighs whimpering and turns to face the wall-
  • "Nothing!!"
  • Daddy:-sits on the bed pulling off my blankets-
  • "Babygirl, sit up and tell Daddy the truth, now!"
  • Me:-sits up and hangs on his shoulders, kisses his cheek and lips pulling his hand between my legs-
  • "Daddy..."
  • Daddy:-smiles, raises my head up so he can look in my eyes.-
  • "Tell Daddy exactly what you want princess!"
  • Me:-whimpers more, laying back on the bed-
  • "I want Tongue.."
  • Daddy:-smiles climbing on top of me- "See now we're getting somewhere, now where did you want my tongue?" -licks on my neck and shoulder, across my face- "Up here?"
  • Me:-giggles shaking my head and trying to cover my face-
  • "No Daddy.. not there!"
  • Daddy:-licks all over my tummy- "You must mean here?"
  • Me:-squirms around whimpering pushing his head down and points to my pussy-
  • "No Daddy lower.."
  • Daddy:-grabs my leg and licks my ankle and leg-
  • "Oh so down here?"
  • Me:-gets grumpier, covers my face with the blanket still pointing-
  • "No Daddy, No! Right here!"
  • Daddy:"Ohhh so you want Daddy to lick your little pussy?"
  • Me:-blushes hiding my face still-
  • "Yes Daddy.. please!"
  • Daddy:"You have to tell Daddy, say what you mean babygirl!"
  • Me:-huffs, moving the blankets-
  • "Okay Daddy.. please lick my pussy."
  • Daddy:"You have to say, lick my little pussy Daddy!"
  • -smirks-
  • Me:-kicks my feet and sighs loudly.-
  • "Lick my little pussy Daddy, please!"
  • Daddy:"Why didn't you just say so princess?!"
  • -gives me extra special princess kisses and leaves me panting and satisfied-
  • (Daddy is such a meaniebutt sometimes.)