I am so late on this, but I was tagged by my beautiful angel, too-much-tv-no-social-life to post a selfie. So here it is, sorry for the lighting and stuff yeah.

Warning: Vessel may be aesthetically pleasing.

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I was tagged by THE INCREDIBLE BEAUTIFUL (omg what) satans-little-follower to post some selfies, thanks dear! I only posted some yesterday tbh so I don’t have any left, so here’s one of me with messy hair because I was just out in the rain and didn’t bother to fix it :’) Also yes, I am wearing pajamas in the middle of the day. And yes, that is robot bedding in the background.

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What I find interesting in the TES universe is that you kind of theoretically have a really interesting variety of “hells” you can help in damning yourself to, plus a variety of end-of-the-world scenarios they can bring about. In a sense.

I like to think of it as kind of going like,

“Okay, do you want to take the BLUE Satan, or the RED Satan?”

“Well, you can go to Most Dangerous Game Werewolf Hell, or you can go to Eternal Fucked-Up Party Hell…”

“Well there’s Little Asshole Satan and he just kind of flips a coin while his dog gets mad at him-”

“For a limited time only you can immigrate to Volcanic Insect Dinosaur Alien World and maybe get in with the Three Happy Murder Time Assholes that rule there but lord knows where the fuck you’re going with them, honestly just try for maybe not doing that…”


Finally, our awesome professional pictures of my Squad and I from Naka-Kon 2015! 

A lot of people recognized us over the weekend and we had a blast making new friends and showing off our vests. This is our first run at it, so next time you see us we’ll look MUCH more decorated, and MUCH more cooler.

Unfortunately the other two members of our photoshoot had something come up, but we made the best out of the squad that we had. I knew when I got my squad together that I wanted my good friend Oscar to take our pictures. If you attend midweset cons, look out for him! 

Catch us at our next convention, NebrasKon 2015.

Leader Squirtle: moppsi
Squirtle #2: little-satan-king 
Squirtle #3: sparkyegg 

Photographer is Oscar Delgado with New Age

here’s a bonus pic with my photog :)

extra credit to ser-louis for designing our Squirtle Squad logo <3