Am I the only one that could see Calum with a quite girl? Like not quite quite or anything just someone who doesn’t like to go out too clubs and party every night. Maybe once in awhile but not a nightly thing, she would like to sit around watch a movie or go on a walk, read a book. Listen to all sorts of music 24/7. And he would be okay with it, she would be alright if he wanted to go clubbing because she trusted him. The boys would find it cute and strange. Because they always thought they’d see Calum with a girl like him, someone who would like to party , loved sports, ( especially soccer aka football) not that you didn’t like sports you just wasn’t obsessed with it like Calum was. And they found it cute because you two just fit together real well. And what am I doing to myself!?


This young man named Brett was born at 23 weeks and wasn’t expected to live five minutes after birth. He is blind, but he says the world is beautiful to him. After being on a feeding tube for eleven years, he finally got it out. But, not without having help from our boys to help him get through it. He had Little things playing the whole time they were getting it out. He is in love with them and doesn’t do any schoolwork unless they give him a 1D related fact. Brett REALLY LOVES 1D as much as most of us fans! Everyone should tweet on social media #GetBrettTo1D. It would mean so much for this young man to meet his heroes. Here is the link to the article. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!


If you like lilo and haven’t seen this you are seriously missing out