- I always want you when I’m coming down -

Oliver’s in Granger Market, Newcastle

Black out

Raspberry Nutella Brownie from Pet Lamb, Granger Market, Newcastle


Oh little deer, you’ve mad a mistake~

Meet Branna. A cunning and manipulative woman. Although she’s killed a few times, it’s not her style. Her style is getting people under her power using either seduction or false kindness. Beware Branna.

M!A: 2p (Start)

anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought If you or your deer children would end up being mounted on walls like how most deers' end up? A horrifying display i'm sure, through not so much for the one who put you there...

You mean from Mactusk? You’re kidding, right? Most deer don’t end up felled by such a wimpy little thing. Most deer get killed by survivors or each other. No, I’ve never thought of it.