In which my big bad pitbull cannot make it down one last stair because she is a dainty flower with a heart made of easily frightened mushrooms.

EDIT: I wanted to make a formal edit to this post to explain to people that her collar is not a shock collar or a bark collar. It’s a 500m range waterproof collar that beeps and vibrates (and yes can shock but I don’t use it for that obviously). We love to go to dog parks and she had a bad habit of not coming back so I got a collar that beeps 

1 beep means leave it

2 beeps means come here

3 beeps means no really come here

4 beeps is last warning then low level vibration and then she knows she was a bad girl

She’s a rescue so I wouldn’t give her undue stress by shocking her. She just needed something that would remind her to come back without me shouting all day long. 

Thanks! And thanks for all the love! Bailey appreciates it!!

no but what kills me is that sherlock is so starved for friends that when john laughs at his “welcome to london” joke, for a second he looks like he doesn’t believe it and then he dares to risk a smile, because for once someone is laughing with him and not at him i hate this fucking show