little numbers


in honor of today being the day where it all began…

Thurs 2 Oct (2:33pm)
Hey, would you mind meeting me at 4 instead of 3? A dog just threw up on me (no, really) and I have to make a detour. 

a) Who is this? and b) Why do we have a meeting? and c) How does that even happen? Mostly a) though.

From infomation gathered from The Top 10 Klaine Fanfictions UPDATED

Because this one is 2 years old

  1. Go Your Own Way by Zavocado
  2. Little Numbers by iknowitainteasy
  3. Things I Cannot Change by beautifulwhatsyourhurry
  4. An Accidental Chance by SlayerKitty
  5. Ten Cent Blues by beautifulwhatsyourhurry
  6. No Envy, No Fear by neaf 
  7. Syrup and Honey. by heartsmadeofbooks
  8. Where We Went Right by beautifulwhatsyourhurry
  9. Sideways by CrissColferLove
  10. Once Upon… by neaf

Do i really need to say anything about this Fanfic? This was & Still one of my top 3 fanfictions ever! it’s a pure talent. besides, it was my fist Klaine fanfic so it was the reason i’m in this world. i might have read it, like 4 times, & this comes from a girl who lives in No-Repeat life-rule.

Anyway, in case you haven’t read (and i don’t know why, really) then just GO!

Also, i really hope i did it justice. i just loved it (if it wasn’t obvious) and wanted to do something.

Link to the Fanfiction: Little Numbers


Blaine sends a text message to a wrong number by accident. Things progress from there.

Reading "Little Numbers"

I’ve got a boyfriend, Blaine.

I know. You keep saying that.

I’ve got a boyfriend who loves me and I couldn’t open that door, because I saw you and you were you and you were someone I couldn’t see myself walking away from.