Maybe we might actually go to a park this weekend so I can take a picture in a park for the photo challenge! :D

"Moving traffic" is a strange term. It makes me think of that rug that you used to find in waiting rooms that had the little roads on it for the little cars and there was that one little boy who always ran things over.


So, I had this idea at work, and basically couldn’t get anything else done for the rest of the day. I’ve been working since I got home *yesterday*, so hopefully there aren’t any major mistakes, because I am DONE. (Larger version of the gameboard here.)

(FYI: I made use of this phenomenal Monopoly template.)

EDIT: Thanks so much for all the love, guys. &nightvale; 

And in case you’re interested, I made a full version of the game, free and downloadable over here! :D


The Curse of “Litte Bastard”

On September 30th, 1955, James Dean was driving his Porsche Spyder when it crashed (head on) with another car. Dean was pinned inside, neck broken. His friend in the passenger seat was thrown from the car and survived. So did the man Dean crashed into.

This is where the urban legend of this curse begins. George Barris (a car designer) bought the Porsche to use it for parts. When it was delivered to his yard, it rolled of the truck and broke a mechanic’s legs.

Next, a doctor named, Troy McHenry bought the engine of the Porsche to replace his own. He died in a car crash the first time he took it out for a drive.

The fatalities and injuries continue. Another doctor bought some parts and was seriously injured in a car wreck. Someone bought two of the tires and got into a wreck when both of them blew out at the same time. The shell of the Dean car was being transported to a road safety exhibition in Salinas when the truck skidded and crashed. The driver was killed. This urban legend, whether true or not, is an interesting one.