It is not exactly about being alone - I am surrounded by friends and family and acquaintances every day.

It is about having all these thoughts, these words, these feelings, and emotions to share, and no one to confide in.

To me, loneliness is saying, “I am doing well, thank you for asking.” When you are begging for them to ask why you are wearing long sleeves lately or why the circles under your eyes have become darker.

—  To me, loneliness is having everyone oblivious to the fact that you are not yourself. 

all i want for christmas is

  • for hobi to realize he can let the load off and confide in someone instead of carrying all that baggage in his heart
  • for jimin and jungkook to appreciate the beauty of their bodies and to stop striving for perfection cuz they’re already there
  • for taehyung to stop pretending he’s healthy and well just so it doesn’t put a wrench into schedules
  • for namjoon and yoongi to be able to make the songs they want to make as opposed to the ones people want them to make
  • for seokjin to stop thinking of himself as the lowest or the least talented
  • for bighit to be more considerate and aware of time management when making schedules 
  • for armys to love themselves as much as they love bangtan
  • for all of this hard work bangtan has put forth to pay off, for them to be appreciated as the talented group of individuals that they are
  • for bangtan to be able to rest without worrying that people will forget how talented they are

that’s all