It has been quite the journey last year, while moving to a new home / studio I got in contact with a lady offering to sell a lithographic press online. While my lack of sufficient funds at the time was not considered a problem by the lovely lady selling it. I still feel incredibly thankful and lucky for the opportunity and trust given to me (a total stranger at the time). The press was paid for in full by making smaller payments over the course of about a year so Yaaay! quite a big dream come true! :D


I took a beginner’s lithography class last semester, it was pretty rigorous but boy it was hella fun! 

In order:

“Inevitable” an illustration collaboration with Michael Mateyko, photo-plate lithograph

“Samurai” stone lithograph

“Unknown” stone lithograph

“Fighters” ball grain plate lithograph

“McQueen” photo-plate lithograph

“The one I didn’t get a chance to print" 


Graining my Litho stone in order to start a new image. #printmaking #lithography #graining #NYC #art #process #litho #stone


Printed both stones. Quite happy with the lighthouse and colossus. I wish the tone was a tiny bit more even in the bg. The pyramids and mausoleum were not getting as dark as they should, esp the mausoleum. I also made those two black parts on the pyramid too dark. But overall quite happy. I want to print a very large edition of both but don’t think I’ll have time before Saturday.