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Can I just say that reading your responses on tumblr is literally my favorite thing in the world. You have so many fans who look up to you and you never fail to be kind and encouraging and helpful to every single one of them. Words can not even express how much I admire that about you. So I just felt the need to let you know what a wonderful person you are and that I am so grateful to have come across your videos and have become a fan of someone so remarkable. Also your cosplays are perfect. :)

OMG thank you so much!!! Jeez I don’t know what to do with the amazing compliments, thank you :) I’m undeserving of such praise, really, I’m just giving back in the same ways that others have helped me in the past (and maybe you’ll go on to do the same for someone in your life!!). My cosplays are also superrrr mediocre XD but a lack of perfection is what keeps me interested so it’s all good!! There’s always something new to work on :)

Thank you again for the wonderful message :)

reading classic books becomes 100% better if you look for the hilarious little moments. like. i just finished les mis a few days ago and? it’s just absolutely hilarious?

  • that time where victor hugo was just like “wrapping marius’ bandages was the LITERAL WORST because they hadn’t invented adhesive tape yet, wow sucks for them”
  • valjean breaking into people’s houses to give them money
  • that part where everyone sees valjean collecting his money from the woods and just assume he’s the devil
  • the chapter title “marius becomes real enough to give cosette his address”
  • the fact that during that chapter, cosette is like “marius, come to england with me!” and marius is like “buT I’M POOR AND ALL MY CLOTHES ARE SHABBY AND I OWE COURFEYRAC MONEY AND I CAN’T AFFORD A PASSPORT” so he goes and stands with his head against a tree for two hours while cosette sits next to him and cries
  • and then he doesn’t just tell cosette his address. no, he chips it into the wall using a knife.
  • that time where valjean accidentally broke into a convent, then had to break out of the convent, and in doing so, went via coffin because a nun had died and they secretly buried her in the convent but had to tell the authorities that they were totally burying her in the graveyard. totally. definitely not under the altar.
  • then he almost got buried alive because fauchelevent’s bud the gravedigger just had to go and die and this new guy was all up-tight and like “noooo, i can’t go get a drink, i must bury this coffin”
  • also the chapter title “deposit your money in some forest rather than with some notary” a.k.a. that time that valjean just casually made 600,000 francs and then just buried it in a forest for ten years

Jolyne is badass and I love her a lot ♥ I’m not too far in Stone Ocean yet but let me tell you I’ve already felt like crying 20 times and I need to hold someone’s hand to get through it.

i. you think you can learn
to walk on broken glass
the way you walk on eggshells.

ii. you bite on words,
but your tongue bleeds.

iii. the bruises on your neck
don’t match your fingers;
(you wear a necklace 
of broken never-agains.)

iv. you start a book of lies
you’ve told yourself.
you call it

—  marina v., because leaving is never easy.
a really fuckin brutal read for every sign
  • ♈️Aries:no one likes you because no one likes babysitting a 4 year old. Everyone needs you to shut up
  • ♉Taurus:you're even more boring than virgo
  • ♊Gemini:you're crazy, annoying, and two faced. Literally everyone's least favorite
  • ♋Cancer:I can't even read you because if I look at you wrong you'll probably kill yourself you crybaby
  • ♌Leo:please relax. Everyone hates your big dumb dramatic bullshit and we all know you try really hard to look like you don't try
  • ♍Virgo:you're soooooo critical and mean but like, for what? What are you bringing to the table? Like you'll do the dishes? No one cares
  • ♎Libra:if a libra is alone in a room with no one to hear her does she even exist? Do you even have a personality that doesn't depend on being a manipulative bitch
  • ♏Scorpio:I can't read you either because you'll literally murder me in my sleep you psycho
  • ♐Sagittarius:you think you're being honest but no you're just being a dick 100% of the time
  • ♑Capricorn:you'll never love anyone as much as you love capitalism you greedy bastard and will the cash love you back? No
  • ♒Aquarius:your quirks are not cute and no one cares about aliens
  • ♓Pisces:everyone sees through your fake deep bullshit. The world doesn't owe you shit just for being ~*~sensitive~*~ you whiner