términos y secciones.

¿Qué es fluff, smut/lemon, angst, au/ua, canon, lime, mpreg?

Este post está hecho para evitar confusiones a futuro en donde coloquemos masterlists y secciones con éstos nombres, siendo que van a ser los más comunes. 

A la hora de publicar una fic, one-shot, drabble, etc, sobretodo en la comunidad inglés de fanfiction, se coloca una “ficha” en donde se incluye el nombre de la pareja, el género, un mini-resumen, a veces el número de palabras, y a veces, una nota de autor. Entonces, en los géneros, en lugar de ponerse a decir “drama/romance/etc” ponemos los siguientes. Por cortos, fáciles de recordar, por estético más que otra cosa:

fluff: es el escrito dulce, tierno, romántico. Muy rara vez tiene temas tristes, a menos que se pase de angst a fluff.

smut/lemon: en estos se describen acciones gráficas, sexuales. Pueden llevar o no romanticismo, no importa.

angst: son tristes, y la mayoría de veces se refieren a temas de depresión o suicidio. A veces no son totalmente tristes, pues pueden tener un final feliz. 

au/ua: significando alternative universe o universo alternativo, donde se cambian las vidas de los personas drásticamente. Son los mismos, pero en una vida difrente, por decirlo de alguna manera. También se usa cuando se les representa como ángeles, demonios, diferentes seres, donde pasan cosas fuera de lo real, etc.

canon: cuando una pareja está confirmada decimos que es canon. Entonces, en una fic o escrito, un canon sería como un au en donde la pareja está confirmada.

lime: donde hay algo de acción gráfica, pero sin llegar al acto como tal. Son más ligeros y más románticos, por lo general.

mpreg: donde uno de los dos, hombres, puede quedar embarazado.

Why You’ll Never Get Over The Signs

Aries: The fire raging inside of them was like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It was dangerous but enticing.

Taurus: They made you feel safe in their arms. Protecting you from all of life’s demons and making sure that you were always surrounded by comfort and beauty.

Gemini: Showed you how to have fun. Helped you come out of your shell and realize that there’s a lot of people like you out there, and you’ll never have to be without a friend.

Cancer: Opened their heart for you to move in. You felt at home with them and wouldn’t hesitate to start a family.

Leo: They gave you a romance like a Hollywood movie. They showered you with gifts and affection. They loved to see you smile. You were their King/Queen ruling beside them.

Virgo: Always helped you work for your goals. They kept you grounded and let you know when you were wrong. They helped you grow a lot as a person.

Libra: They hated to see you as anything but happy. Tried their best to always keep you in a good mood and felt honored to be in your presence. 

Scorpio: They loved you passionately with every fiber of their being like no one else ever did, and they would do anything for you.

Sagittarius: They showed you a whole new world and distracted you from whatever stress you were under. They really showed you how to live life to its fullest every day.

Capricorn: They wanted to build an empire with you. The both of you against the world and no one could stop you from becoming the ultimate power couple.

Aquarius: Opened your mind to things you never even dreamed possible before. You loved that they would always fight for what’s right and they always fought for their right to be an individual. A true free spirit.

Pisces: You admired their creativity. They were always dreaming of something and you couldn’t wait to come home to hear them tell you about their daydreams. They believed anything was possible if you put your mind to it, and they made you believe it too.

  • too rad to be sad:virgo, aries, sagittarius, aquarius
  • too glam to give a damn:leo, libra, scorpio, capricorn
  • too blessed to stress:taurus, cancer, pisces, gemini
45 Things I Want to See More of in Stories (Supernatural/Paranormal Edition)
  1. Main characters who aren’t reporters, detectives, or free-lancers
  2. Non-Western supernatural creatures
  3. Non-dragon supernatural creatures
  4. Supernatural creatures fitting the culture they’re related to (phoenixes in a Greek neighborhood, kumiho in Koreatown, Dhegdheer in a Somali neighborhood)
  5. Local mythologies
  6. Urban legends
  7. Organizations within supernatural hunting (hierarchies, safehouses, information networks)
  8. Cooperation with the government
  9. Immortal characters who act immortal
  10. Immortal characters who have different moral standards
  11. Supernatural characters who have different moral standards
  12. Supernatural characters who have different types of gender
  13. Supernatural characters who have different types of sexuality
  14. Supernatural societies totally different from human societies
  15. Supernatural children
  16. Supernatural families
  17. Main characters not ending up in romantic relationships with supernatural creatures
  18. Non-hypersexual vampires
  19. Aftermath of reveals of supernatural creatures to the world
  20. Hybrids
  21. Hybrids who are neither despised nor uber-powerful
  22. People who are genuinely afraid of what’s going on
  23. Non-loner main characters
  24. Main characters without tragic backstories
  25. Genuine non-romantic/non-sexual friendships between humans and supernatural creatures
  26. Cooperation between different types of creatures
  27. Inter-creature wars
  28. Non-humanoid creatures
  29. Stories set not in the United States
  30. Main characters with no training
  31. Supernatural creatures who have casual non-romantic sexual relationships
  32. Without those relationships being demeaning or cheap
  33. Queer supernatural creatures
  34. Who aren’t queer-coded to be bad or hypersexual
  35. Rural or suburban settings
  36. Laws getting in the way of action
  37. Ethical quandaries about the humanity (or not) of supernatural creatures
  38. Supernatural supremacy
  39. Different races within supernatural species (different types of vampires, of pixies, of phoenixes, etc.)
  40. Schools for supernatural creatures
  41. Integrated human/non-supernatural schools
  42. Speciesism against supernatural creatures
  43. Genuinely nice supernatural creatures
  44. Powerful supernatural creatures who aren’t super manipulative or evil
  45. Dragons (because we can always use more dragons)

tumblr: keeps it real
reality: selfish as hell

tumblr: chill
reality: needs to move their ass

tumblr: two-faced bitch that everyone hates
reality: isn’t more two-faced than any other fool

tumblr: so nice and caring~
reality: manipulative as hell

tumblr: passionate about the shit they do
reality: weird as fuck

tumblr: asshole
reality: a little less of an asshole

tumblr: the person everyone loves
reality: shows off about everyone loving them so they take advantage

tumblr: vile vile scorpio
reality: into kinky ass shit

tumblr: fun
reality: fun

tumblr: cold as ice
reality: the ice has melted a bit

tumblr: so unique and so cool~
reality: needs to tone that “unique and cool” shit down a bit

tumblr: protect the zodiac baby~
reality: loser

1. Don’t take everything seriously - a failing grade is not the end of the world, you will probably never see the people who were mean to you after you graduate, a high school heartbreak will heal.

2. If you graduate with the same friends you entered high school with you’re lucky. You’ll be surprised when friendships you thought would last a lifetime come to an end.

3. Change is the only constant. Everything changes; people change, circumstances change, styles change, standards change. Go with it.

4. You need to seek out practical skills since the education system's curriculum neglects crucial information to “teach” you information you will never use instead. But at least we all know how to do logarithms, right?

5. Money makes the world go ‘round - don’t forfeit your soul for a pretty penny. School is an opportunity to discover new interests; find something you could enjoy endlessly and pursue it as a career.

6. Recklessness is necessary; you need to leave your comfort zone every once in a while to experience new things, do something illegal for the adrenalin rush, take a risk because you might learn something - if anything, it can be a funny story later.

7. Worrying about what other people are doing, what they are saying, and how they feel about you.your life choices is a waste of higher consciousness.

8. Never let people make you feel ashamed of your emotions; feeling is the most human thing you can do. Take pride in what brings you joy and don’t be afraid to cry when you feel the need to. Don’t become desensitized. 

9. Sometimes people do not deserve your forgiveness; don’t accept half-ass apologies. Avoiding people who have proven time and time again they are not genuine is beneficial to mental health.

10. If you’re lucky enough to come across a genuine person, cherish their friendship and appreciate them. You’ll miss them when you’re face with people who have no regard for other’s feelings; keep these people at a distance.

11. You can’t place more value on others than on yourself; find a balance. If you insinuate that you are somehow less important or inferior people will treat you accordingly most of the time.

12. Being an individual is more empowering than seeking approval from others or conforming to a group’s expectations…even if having a big group of friends like in the movies does seem kind of fun.

—  12 Things I Learned Before Graduating High School
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theboneshack asked:

What horror movies do you absolutely recommend? Also, what are your favorite movies available on Netflix instant streaming (if you even use Netflix)?

Ten on Netflix:
+ Starry Eyes (also on the list of “always recommended,” one of my favorites of    all time
+ Kill List (ditto)
+ The Taking of Deborah Logan
+ Dead End
+ The Canal
+ Pontypool (also always recommended)
+ The Sacrament
+ I Saw the Devil
+ Honeymoon
+ Housebound (horror comedy)

I was about to type out my ten always recommended but it was pretty much identical to this list.

trans boy appreciation post

shoutout to chubby trans boys
shoutout to fat trans boys
shoutout to skinny trans boys
shoutout to trans boys who like dresses and traditionally “female” clothes
shoutout to trans boys who wear makeup or paint their nails
shoutout to trans boys who can’t/don’t bind
shoutout to trans boys who don’t like stereotypical masculine things
shoutout to trans boys who do like stereotypical masculine things
shoutout to trans boys who hate their bodies
shoutout to trans boys who aren’t taken seriously
shoutout to trans boys with big boobs
shoutout to trans boys who are okay with their bodies and don’t want surgery
shoutout to trans boys with really bad dysphoria who hate looking at themselves in the mirror
shoutout to gay trans boys who get asked “why don’t you just stay as a girl and be normal?”
shoutout to the trans boys who don’t use he/him pronouns
shoutout to trans boys on their periods
shoutout to trans boys who cry
shoutout to trans boys with long hair
shoutout to trans boys with curves
shoutout to all the trans boys who get called “butch lesbians”
shoutout to the trans boys too scared to use public bathrooms
shoutout to trans boys who aren’t hairy
shoutout to mentally ill trans boys
shoutout to disabled trans boys
shoutout to the trans boys who can’t afford to transition
shoutout to trans boys who are too scared to come out
shoutout to the trans boys who are happy

shoutout to all trans boys for being the bestest, realest, most hardcore men ever. i love you guys. stay strong.

singer/songwriters born under each sign

aries: matty healy (of The 1975)

You’re cold and I burn, I guess I’ll never learn. 

taurus: stevie wonder

The many sounds that meet our ears, the sights our eyes behold will open up our merging hearts, and feed our empty souls. I believe when I fall in love with you, it will be forever.

gemini: bob dylan

Once upon a time you dressed so fine, you threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you? People’d call, say, “beware doll, you’re bound to fall.”

cancer: beck

When a moon is throwing shadows, you can’t save the ones you’ve caught in battle. Oh, don’t leave me on my own.

leo: mick jagger (of The Rolling Stones) 

If I could stick my pen in my heart and spill it all over the stage

virgo: florence welch (of Florence + the Machine) 

And I don’t need the birds, let them fly away; and I don’t want the clouds, they never seem to stay. I don’t want no future, I don’t need no past; one bright moment is all I ask.

libra: marina diamandis (of Marina and the Diamonds) 

I’m your carnal flower, I’m your bloody rose, pick my petals off and make my heart explode. I’m your deadly nightshade, I’m your cherry tree, you’re my one true love, I’m your destiny. 

scorpio: lorde 

There’s a humming in the restless summer air and we’re slipping off the course that we prepared. But in all chaos, there is calculation; dropping glasses just to hear them break. 

sagittarius: taylor swift

We are too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet. Baby we’re the new romantics, the best people in life are free. 

capricorn: alex turner (of Arctic Monkeys)

I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck, or I did last time I checked. Not shy of a spark, a knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark. 

aquarius: conor oberst (of Bright Eyes) 

I do not read the reviews. No, I am not singing for you.

pisces: grimes 

Dreams, they feel like memories when I dream of you. Time won’t stay, it’ll stretch itself out from a minute to days, and I’d like to think that we don’t dream to wipe it off.