if you know someone with anxiety here are some things to/not to say

• don’t tell them to breath
• always tell them the plan, if you leave them guessing it is v stressful
• don’t just ignore them w/o explanation
• when they are having a panic attack get them water
• if they are having a panic attack don’t touch them unless they say you can, it might not seem like a lot but your body heat will make them feel very warm & possibly get them more sick
• DONT SAY “we need to talk”
• let them have space when they need it
• tell them soothing playlists
• understand if they cancel
• talk about how you feel
these are just from person experiences so feel free to add some of your tips!!

Most Watched Filmmakers

Here is a list of filmmakers who I’ve seen at least 10 films by, number of films total in parentheses, including short films.

Jean-Luc Godard (43) Ingmar Bergman (37) Woody Allen (35) Stan Brakhage (29) Jan Svankmajer (26) Yasujiro Ozu (25) Akira Kurosawa (25) Aki Kaurismaki (19) Steven Spielberg (19) Buster Keaton (16) Mikio Naruse (16) Hollis Frampton (16) Nagisa Oshima (15) Werner Herzog (14) Alfred Hitchcock (13) Tsai Ming-liang (13) Lars von Trier (13) Fritz Lang (13) Luis Bunuel (13) Crhis Marker (13) Eric Rohmer (13) The Coen Brothers (12) Aleksandr Sokurov (12) David Lynch (12) Louis Malle (12) Michael Haneke (12) Pier Paolo Pasolini (12) Michael Powell (12) Tim Burton (12) Robert Bresson (11) David Cronenburg (11) Stanley Kubrick (11) Peter Jackson (11) John Carpenter (11) Francois Truffaut (10) Masaki Kobayashi (10) Jim Jarmusch (10) Naomi Kawase (10) Satyajit Ray (10)

April Rec List: Crossovers and Fusions

We know we’re still a bit pants at responding to all your asks, but don’t worry! We’re getting there! Plus, summer is approaching with more free time and less responsibilities. In the meantime, please enjoy our April rec list which focuses on CROSSOVERS and FUSIONS. 

Art by rayrotho.

Also check out this Disney list, this Doctor Who list, this Sherlock list, this Sherlock post, and this Supernatural list for more! Also check out THIS tag at fy-merlinxarthur. This doesn’t even touch the amount of crossovers there are, so keep an eye out for future lists!

It’s Pesto Season! Celebrate with these 5 vegan recipes!

According to my calculations (my neighbor’s basil plant), pesto season is here once again! What a joyous time of year it is. A quick look at FindingVegan.com confirms my fellow vegans are just as excited! Here are a few yummy looking recipes I found just within the first few pages!

Well HELLO NURSE! Pur Body Nutrition is nailing pesto season with this glorious spinach and macadamia nut pesto. HAVE MERCY. 

Not to be outdone, the delightfully titled blog Potatoes are Like Poems is killing it with this pistachio, basil and spinach pesto. I WANT TO EAT THIS ALL THE DAYS. 

Pumpkin and Peanut Butter (two of my favorite things!) delights us with this sunflower seed basil pesto!

And Fitting Into Vegan is going cray with this guacamole pesto. Out of control!

And finally, let’s not forget the ramp pesto recipe my friend showed you last year! For the brave among us!

good school related things today: 

  • got a B+ in music theory that maybe will be bumped up to an A even though i was actually having trouble breathing and having such crazy bad anxiety and panic during the final
  • got an A- in theatre history which was so fucking hard jesus christ
  • did a talkback
  • bumped into our dance teacher who’s been on broadway several times and she knows i cant dance which is fine but she stopped me to say that she loved me in the show and thinks i totally have the voice to go far :’) 
  • one more fucking final 
  • and then move out hell as an RA but
  • everything’s coming up maizy 
signs as kardashian quotes
  • aries:why does mom have a picture of you as her screensaver and not me
  • taurus:give me the fucking bread
  • gemini:are you going to be a boring whore your whole life?
  • cancer:I think I'm getting, like, fucked up
  • leo:I don't need to be walking around like I'm some peasant. I need to be walking around like royalty.
  • virgo:I've got better things to do. like driving my yellow fucking lamborghini
  • libra:I'll cry at the end of the day. not with fresh makeup
  • scorpio:I'm literally so exhausted. I've been having sex like 500 times a day.
  • sagittarius:first of all, I'm incredibly athletic. so fuck you.
  • capricorn:thank god I have no friends
  • aquarius:what are your thoughts on mermaids?
  • pisces:i think she's just concerned she's gonna look old and fat in the photos and there is a thing called photoshop so she needs to relax
1. Everything in life is temporary. That is both a very good and a very bad thing.
2. You know yourself better than anyone else. You don’t need anybody’s approval or validation of the choices you make. 
3. The universe is always sending you signs, pay attention to them.
4. Trust your instincts and listen closely to your heart. They will always lead you in the right direction. 
5. Say what you feel. Always. Be honest to people about how you feel about them. It hurts so much more to silence your emotions than to just spit them right out.
6. You deserve love in the purest of forms. It should not be tainted with arrogance or pride. 
7. Beautiful words mean nothing if they are not backed up by beautiful actions. He could tell you he loves you three times a minute, but if he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve to be treated, his words have no value at all. 
8. Never put anyone or anything above your well being. This includes school, work, friends, relationships and anything else. Nothing is more important than your health and safety.
9. Learn to love the person you see staring back at you in the mirror. She is capable of such miraculous things. 
10. You are here for a reason. You might learn this reason at age 6 or age 60, but you were undoubtedly put on this planet because the universe believes that you can help it in some way. Never lose faith in that.
—  10 things I remind myself of every day
The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2015

DailyTekk has compiled a list of the best blogs and websites of 2015 in the categories of: news and current events, most helpful, most fun, unique, design and art, and the best websites for men and women.

Carefully chosen for their intelligent, fun and beautiful content, they spent an entire year visiting many sites to deliver one of the most important lists you will read in 2015 online. 

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Where are the female stories? Where are the directors, where are the writers? It’s imbalanced, so given that we are half the cinema-going public, we are half the people [who] watch drama or watch anything else, where is that? … I think the pay [gap in the entertainment business] is a huge thing, but I’m actually more concerned over the lack of our voices being heard.

- Keira Knightley 

Keira Knightley directed by women filmography:

Bend It Like Beckham dir. Gurinder Chadha - 2002
Last Night dir. Massy Tadjedin - 2010
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World dir. Lorene Scafaria - 2012
Laggies dir. Lynn Shelton - 2014
signs as friends quotes
  • aries:if we were in prison, you guys would be like my bitches
  • taurus:you don't put words in people's mouths, you put turkey in people's mouths
  • gemini:actually it's miss chanandler bong
  • cancer:i'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!
  • leo:and yet, i never run into beyoncé
  • virgo:remember if i'm harsh with you, it's only because you're doing it wrong
  • libra:I may play the fool at times but I'm a little more than just a pretty blonde girl with an ass that won't quit
  • scorpio:i’m not so good with the advice. can i interest you in a sarcastic comment
  • sagittarius:i think i need a 'take notice' walk
  • capricorn:i wish i could, but i don't want to
  • aquarius:when i actually die, some people are going to get seriously haunted
  • pisces:how can i kiss him without letting him know that i like him