i like this feeling; a happy mix

nine in the afternoon//panic! at the disco / fred astaire//san cisco / first dance//never shout never / into the wild//lewis watson / chocolate//the 1975 / the love club//lorde / unbelievers//vampire weekend / heartbreak girl//5 seconds of summer / paris//lana del rey / two fingers//jake bugg / kill your heroes//awolnation / on top of the world//imagine dragons / shuffle//bombay bicycle club / ways to go//grouplove


i want to tell you that i know you have the ability to hurt yourself, you do, you have that ability- i feel like a lot of the older generation, when they hear about someone struggling with it, their first reaction is ‘no, no you’re not, you’re not struggling with that, don’t think about that, think about something else, you’re just trying to get attention.’

but this song was really trying to say, ‘listen, i know you have the ability to hurt yourself. i recognize that. but let’s take that energy, and let’s point it at something else, let’s divert that, let’s kind of shift momentum, and look at something like art, or at this music specifically, or even- point it at me. just, point it anywhere, but don’t point it at yourself.’ so that’s what that song is saying, and that song will always be important to me.

—  tyler joseph in the vessel spotify commentary on guns for hands

i want everyone to listen to twenty one pilots but they have to do it right like nO you cant just casually listen to them or just check them out you have to sit down and listen to the entirety of vessel while doing something like drawing or something that allows you to give almost all of ur attention to the album because you have to listen to every word that tyler says and all the sounds and like„, youve gotta do it RIGHT