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some nightcore favorites.

01. radioactive (nightcore) - imagine dragons // 02. monster (nightcore) - meg & dia // 03. flesh(nightcore) - simon curtis // 04. beautiful lies (nightcore) - b-complex // 05. welcome to the club (nightcore) - manian // 06. va va voom (nightcore) - nicki minaj // 07. clarity (nightcore) - zedd // 08. lights (nightcore) - ellie goulding // 09. poison (nightcore) - alice cooper // 10. alone together (nightcore) - fall out boy

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What if Levi met Hanji by accidentally walking into the girls bathroom and was like “what” and Hanji made some shitty joke or something and it got really awkward so he just walked out like “ok then”. Or maybe he walked in thinking it was the guys bathroom and then started complaining that it was taking too long and Hanji walks out like “you do know this is the girls bathroom, right?” And that is why they always talk about poop.

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music recommendations? I'm Already a fan of mac demarco, the orwells, wavves & that sort. got any current names?

skaters,  thee oh sees, the memories, cosmonauts, tomorrow’s tulips, cloud nothings, aubade, the shivas, gap dream, the babies, girls, white fang, guantanamo baywatch 

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i’ve said this before but i’m gonna say it again, latinas always seem to get swept under the rug. 

it is really sad to see that even in radical feminism things are so split as x and y. black or white. there seems to be no in between here. either you talk about women as a whole, or black women/girls (which is very important), and thats great but what about latinas, esp those within immigrant groups who often don’t even have access to basic necessities simply for their undocumented status?

there are so many problems that need to and can be helped within our community, but people won’t even listento us. please do not continue to sweep us under the rug and keep acting like our problems aren’t worth your attention. my fellow latinas and I do whatever we can to help others from all communities but when we try to shed a light on things happening to us, in our community no one seems to care.

tbh if you are interpreting this in any way to be whiny or begging for attention then you need to unfollow me right now because if you don’t stand for all women and fight for all women then i don’t need you and i don’t see the point in me showing up on your dashboard.

listen to latinas too. we matter. we are here. we’ve always been here. struggling silently.

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"you can tell a lot about a person from what they listento. hit shuffle on your ipod and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people."

  1. up down - t-pain ft. b.o.b.
  2. girlfriend - avril lavigne.
  3. island in the sun - weezer.
  4. #selfie - the chainsmokers.
  5. house of fun - madness.
  6. berzerk - eminem.
  7. a little respect - wheatus.
  8. beside you - 5 seconds of summer.
  9. holy grail - jay z ft. justin timberlake.
  10. candy shop - 50 cent.

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Despite what's going on btw them (#ANB), I need to hear "Put It Up"! Let's see if our faves listento/hear us!

well honestly I think Chris knew how much people were excited about the song, yet decided not to put it on the album, I believe there’s a reason why… -Lau

john green quotes are so inspiring oh my god…. listento this its like hes speaking to my soul 

“We get a lot of foreign tourists here,” said the only girl besides Lind-sey,who was tall and thoroughly Abercrombified in her tight tank top. The girl also had—how to put this politely—gigantic gazoombas. She was incredibly hot—in that popular-girl-with-bleached-teeth-and-anorexia kind of way, which was Colin’s least favorite way of being hot. “I’m Katrina, by the way.”

oh my god so inspiring and deep tihs man is a god how do you write so well tts like every female character in his books is immediately introduced with 1. her name 2. how big her boobs are, how nice her body is, her perfume, her beautiful eyes, her curves (“God, did she have curves”), etc tec, etc etc i love it i love objectifying women i love 35 year old men objectifying 15 year old girls in their books i love it i oh my god adn theres this part in katherines where they talk about how hilariopus it would be if one guy had hemorroids and tourettes aaoh myg od so funny thats the kind of humor i like to see today oh my god oh myo g d

sarcasm aside, that seems like something i would see on family guy or tosh.o or some other bullshit

Desu in period cramps-desu
  • Desu in period cramps-desu
  • Going BATSHIT
  • I don't want to be remembered with this

So you guys remember this post?

Here, everyone, I present you me going batshit while having a period—Part 1. I laughed so hard after I listened to this with a clear head and I am so embarrassed at myself sdjfhjksdfkskf

If you want the other part I’ll upload it but I don’t think that’s gonna happen  dsfhjshkhfksjdhfk

Warnings: Explicit language, overly bad English, constant pauses, whining and ranting, absolute randomness.

Note: If you listento this ten minute track you’ll probably waste ten minutes of your life for nothing, but by all means go ahead and amuse yourselves.

I want to die omfg what even am I on my period sdfhjshfkjshf