Niall Horan Accents + Impressions ( A lil Spanish as well)

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alphas: jota and moos / omegas: daewon, h.o and buffy / betas: heojun and lee geon

my ride or die; “tell him his baby girl says hi”

i. suga suga - baby bash ii. 3005 - childish gambino iii. break from toronto - partynextdoor iv. power trip - j cole ft miguel v. valet - eric bellinger vi. i’m in - jack and jack vii. dangerous - the neighbourhood ft yg viii. tumblr girls - g eazy ix. the vapors - jhene aiko ft wiz khalifa x. dnf - drake ft yg (no sleep remix) xi. recognize - partynextdoor ft drake

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i am at an Adult Party, so many here have created life i feel like im a spy… they’re all doing guitar hero, and they did boulevard of broken dreams and got into a fierce debate over whether green day is good or not…they said “for the KIDS these days maybe! heh” adults think we listen to green day omg…..this is charming. im learning so much about dad culture

noorthwest yeah thats a good example lmao! i just stopped checking the charts bc i cant stand commercial music and they all kinda sound the same :( but its “embarrassing when your friends ask you if you know a song thats playing on the radio and you say no because you just…dont pay attention to what normal people listen to omg


windowsill: growing up feels like losing your best friend and then making another one. it feels like your heart is about to burst, like you’re being pulled in half by silent happiness and melancholy.

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