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↳ so 2000's ; a mix for those days when you're feeling nostalgic. -- 41 songs from 2000 - 2007 { listen here }

01. oops..! i did it again — britney spears 02. bye bye bye — nsync 03. i want candy — aaron carter 04. survivor — destiny’s child 05. move it like that — baha men 06. sk8er boi — avril lavigne 07. jenny from the block — jennifer lopez 08. a thousand miles — vanessa carlton 09. here without you — three doors down 10. stacy’s mom — fountains of wayne 11. cinderella — the cheetah girls 12. call me, beep me — christina milian 13. pieces of me — ashlee simpson 14. 1985 — bowling for soup 15. my cinderella — lil romeo 16. unwritten — natasha bedingfield 17. drama queen — lindsay lohan 18. my happy ending — avril lavigne 19. our lips are sealed — hilary & haylie duff 20. beautiful soul — jesse mccartney 21. come clean — hilary duff 22. hollaback girl — gwen stefani 23. wake up — hilary duff 24. bad day — daniel powter 25. beverly hills — weezer 26. i found a way — drake bell 27. pon don replay — rhianna 28. do you believe in magic — aly & aj 28. cool — gwen stefani 30. pop princess — click 5 31. if we were a movie — hannah montant 32. too little too late — jojo 33. we’re all in this together — high school musical cast 34. push it to the limit — corbin bleu 35. he said she said — ashley tisdale 36. nobody’s perfect — hannah montana 37. see you again — miley cyrus 38. potential breakup song — aly & aj 39. hold on — jonas brothers 40. bet on it — troy bolton

slow tunes for a slow night // ⇨ LISTEN

  1. just forget - nujabes
  2. memory - シートベルツ 
  3. bluebird (jazzpianotrio) - kitasono minami
  4. the fragrance of dark coffee - godot
  5. flower garden - jō hisaishi
  6. 歸らざる日日- jazz ver. (紅の豚, Porco Rosso OST 1992)
  7. open your window - kitasono minami
  8. it’s love isn’t it ? - jō hisaishi
  • Exoskeleton
  • Crystal Castles
  • Unreleased EP

Look at that lady, she wears bitch heels
The top of the blood, that’s how we got skills
You can give her candy, pretend that she’s ten
You can make her call you dad, she won’t tell her friends
You can push her around, you can say she’s no good
She’s more than a tramp, she’s not misunderstood
But we all know she is too clean
She don’t know what she did so she’s down on her knees

Start packing up meat, send it by the ounce
I’ll give you fifteen bucks to see those titties bounce
Root canal exposed through a single bone
Your dick is her pet and it’s undergrown
I’ll make her cum, make her perspire
When she’s crying in pain your dick is on fire
We got some spare change, you’re all for me
You better pimp yourself for the guillotine

I love it when you shake your ass for me
Come on hoe do your best for me
I love it when you shake your ass for me
Come on hoe do your best for me

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(not my artwork, credit to the owner)

[listen on 8 tracks]

nicotine - panic! at the disco
say you like me - we the kings
angel with a shotgun - the cab
try hard - 5 seconds of summer
this is gospel - panic! at the disco
bulls in the bronx - pierce the veil
let these words last forever - we came as romans
if these sheets were the states - all time low
move along - all american rejects
centuries - fall out boy
make me wanna die - the pretty reckless
celebrity status - marianas trench
if you don’t know - 5 seconds of summer
loverboy - you me at six
tell me i’m a wreck - every avenue
glad you came (cover) - we came as romans
daylight - 5 seconds of summer
welcome to my life (acoustic) - simple plan
heaven knows - the pretty reckless