OST - Tango

I never believed
in empaths

My gramma told me
that I was a good listener
I didn’t believe her then
But now,
I guess I am

People tell me things
things they won’t say
to others,
not even a spouse

Things only said to a dog
knowing that they will understand
and never judge, ever
never waiting for that pause
to interject,

I can feel their emotions
down to my bones
All I need now
is a wagging tail
Someday, I’ll listen as well
as a dog.
Then, perhaps, I’ll be


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Vincent & Theo

There’s a lot going on in this clip. There’s a lot. But what’s better is that for all that’s happening the comments on youtube are all like “he’s gay??” “i didn’t know van gogh was gay” “HE ISN’T GAY HE WANTED TO BE A PRIEST AND BEING GAY WOULD HAVE BEEN A MORTAL SIN TO HIM HE COULDN’T HAVE BEEN GAY” “lol he’s not gay” “he was everything but gay”



Nothing Stands in Our Way EP- Tribute to the female companions of New Who

1. Warrior- Beth Crowley (Rose Tyler)//2. Stronger- Sugababes (Martha Jones)//3. Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys (Donna Noble)//4. I Feel Immortal- Tarja Turunen (Amy Pond)//5. Iron- Within Temptation (River Song)//6. Unleashed- Epica (Clara Oswald)//7. Nothing Stands in Our Way- Lacuna Coil (All)

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Fanmix by Lotus_Blue

(Tags: Doctor Who, New Who, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, Amy Pond, River Song, Clara Oswald)