So we’ve been working hard on the NPO

or, the “New Promethean Order,” and I thought I’d address the question “Why should I join?”

Well, for those of you who are tl;dr, here’s a short list of awesome things the npo offers members:

  • mentors
  • learning opportunities
  • a place to worship and celebrate together
  • the possibility of connecting with other hellenic polytheists in real life
  • a revivalist Hellenic polytheist forum

We are headed by sect leaders (one for each major god) who are all able to function as priests/ens/xs/esses and one-on-one mentors for anyone who would like guidance. Each priest/en/s/ess posts write-ups of every festival that has to do with their god, and we also observe minor traditions like Hekate’s Deipnon and the Noumenia.

We are building a place where people can celebrate together, and talk about all of their experiences with Hellenic polytheism on the Order’s forum.

Priests/ens/xs/esses will sometimes make posts about a certain topic that is relevant to their god or Hellenic polytheism in general, and members are encouraged to comment and challenge us to do better and interact with each other.

We’re less than a month old, but I think this could be something wonderful. :)

Click here to join!

- Daio Dietrich Andromache Moore

sarahnurq asked:

Have you been to Malaysia , Azii?

No. But one of my good friends is Malaysian and it’s on my “bucket list” of places to go because of all the awesome things she tells me about it. I can’t wait to make a real paycheck so I can go to all the amazing places that S and I want to visit.

asianbloke asked:

The only place I haven't been to on your 2015 Adventure list is Turkey. I think you'll have a brilliant time in all those other places though. Look forward to seeing your updates as you cross off each place on your list!

That’s awesome, Turkey is the only place I have been to on the list, it’s my final destination to meet my family for a couple of weeks catching up.
Ahh thank you lovely, I’ll be sharing the whole adventure with you all.✈️

anonymous asked:

Milan? How was it? And you went by yourself? That's so cool, it sounds like a relaxing getaway by yourself, would like to experience. Please do tell me how it goes when you get back from Vienna! Oh! That's really good, have you found anything? :o How many times have you travel? Ah, wish i could, but by the time i get there i'm sure you'll already be in Korea haha but nonetheless it will be on my list of places to visit!

 It was awesome! Great experience to travel alone and to free your mind. Havent found yet since too busy with bachelor thesis. I’ve spent half a year in Seoul already so I kinda know that place^^ Just let me know when you visit Germany! Where are you from? Perhaps I’ll go there someday haha