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People often us to make rec lists (of a genre/trope etc) that we don’t have a specific tag for. I don’t feel I can just go ‘list tag!!’ any more as we have 8 pages worth of rec lists laughs so i’m going to stick them all here alphabetically to make it easier to search through! Will try to update this regularly, but if the list you’re looking for isn’t here then /do/ check the list tag as that would mean it’s been made recently so will probably be on the first page.

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Fall for your heart, wait for the dark - Intro

Though I cannot see
I can hear her smile as she sings - Arrival in Nara

Love, love is the warmest colour
Petrol blues, hallelujah, hallelujah - Nara

I want to be every lever you pull
And all showers that shower you

Devour me
If you really think that you can stomach me - Every other freckle

Ain’t shady baby
I’m hot like the prodigal son - Left hand free

Your choice kingdom
Our voice crowns men
Our choice kingdom - Choice Kingdom

Encased in case I need it
In my stomach, for my heart
Chain mail - Hunger of the pine

I tie my life to your balloon and let it go - Warm foothills

Tetris, tile seeking
Somewhere, oh somewhere, to fit in
Alien - The gospel of John Hurt

So abundant are we, left alone I shall be
But a waited phone never rings - Pusher

Razor blades on a melted toothbrush
Slash, slash. Assassin de la police - Bloodflood Pt. II

Bovay, Alabama
I’ll bury my hands deep
Into the mane of my lover - Leaving Nara

Alt J - This is all yours


Since i can’t send you a message , its okay , heres a list of my favourite books series  :)

The blue bloods series by Melissa de la cruz

The hunger games trilogy by suzanne collins

The morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

Night world saga by LJ.Smith

Forbidden game trilogy by LJ.SMITH again

The dark visions by LJ.Smith again lol

The fallen series by Lauren Kate

Hush hush series by becca fitzpatrick

Halo trilogy by Alexandra adornetto

The Immortals series by Allison Noël

Intertwined trilogy by Gena showalter

If you need more just tell me  :)

P.s. I am starting a new serie , and I’m already loving it so I’m adding “The Lux series ” to the books recommandation 

ETSY GIFT IDEAS (most expensive to cheapest)

1.  Miniature Vintage Solar System - $255


2. High waisted galaxy print shorts - $40


3. Amethyst copper wire ring - $28


4. Sheet Music Tea Light Candle Holders Set of 4 - $16


5. Steampunk cartilage cuff- no piercing required - $13.50


6. TARDIS and clockwork bracelet - $12


7. Galaxy nails - $6


8. Clock work bow tie - $3


Note: This does not include shipping costs.

some life-altering music I came across over the past couple of months
  • Ibrahim Maalouf “Sensuality” (from the album Wind)
  • Vladimir Ovchinikov’s 1991 recording of Rachmaninoff’s Études-Tableaux (particularly Op. 33 No. 8 and Op. 39 No. 2)
  • Esperanza Spalding’s “I Know You Know”
  • Vanguard Jazz Orchestra’s recording of “Up From the Skies” (originally by Jimi Hendrix)
  • Rosalyn Tureck’s Bach recordings
  • Dawn of Midi’s album Dysnomia
  • Kimbra’s 2014 album The Golden Echo
  1. THE WORKS OF EDGAR ALLEN POEHere’s a link to all his stories and poems. His macabre and dark approach to writing has touched many across the globe
  2. THE WORKS OF H.P LOVECRAFTAnother gothic writer whose style is both suspenseful and vivid
  3. THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOWAnother classic, beware of the headless horseman 
  4. THE TURN OF THE SCREW: A tale about a governess who becomes convinced that she and her charges are being stalked by ghosts.
  5. THE MONKEY’S PAWYou probably have heard of this one. Be careful what you wish for. 
  6. THE LOTTERY: It might not seem like a horror story, but once you realize what’s happening you will definitly be horrified. If you don’t understand here’s a site that will clear some things up
  7. WHERE ARE YOU GOING, WHERE HAVE YOU BEENAbout a 15 year old girl’s encounter with a threatening but charismatic stranger. A popular dark tale.
  8. THE SIGNAL MANBy Charles Dickon’s, a railroad worker tells the story of a ghost that seems to appear to him as a premonition of some horrible railway tragedy
  9. THE MORTAL IMMORTALMary Shelley may have been known for Frankenstein, but here’s another dark tale by her. It’s the story of a man who wants to play God, but finds his sanity is the price
  10. THE WOMAN IN BLACKYou probably have heard of the movie, but read the classic story behind it. Whenever she is seen, a child dies. 

BONUS: Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: I read this for my Gothic Literature class in high school. I loved it. A dark novel with plenty of twists to keep you on the edge. 

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favorite tv shows

• The Syrupranos
• It’s Always Sunny Side Up in Philadelphia
• 24/7
• CSI: Cheesy Sandwich Ideas
• Bacon Bad
• The West Chicken Wing
• Two and Half Eggs
• South Pork
• Friday Night Bites
• Sit & Order
• Doctor Who
• The Eggs-Files
• Firefry
• Denny’s Diner 90210
• The Walking Bread
• Mighty Morphin Pancake Puppies
• Eating with the Stars
• Denny’s Agents of B.A.C.O.N.
• Glee
• Eg, Egg n Eggy