10 Unsolved Mysteries From Ancient Times

Salzburg Cube


In 1885, Reidl, an employee at an Austrian foundry, discovered the mysterious Salzburg Cube (also known as the Wolfsegg Iron). He cracked open a seam of coal to find a strange-looking iron cube inside it. It had many cracks and little holes in it, as well as a strange color and a deep fissure down the middle. Reidl had never seen anything like it before, so after showing it to his boss, they turned it over to the Heimathaus Museum.The next year, a professor at the museum named Adolf Gurlt studied the cube and determined it to be part of a meteorite. But further studies by the Natural History Museum in Vienna proved that it was not in fact a meteorite, but artificially manufactured from an unknown source. It is thought that the coal that “produced” the Salzburg Cube was at least 60 million years old.Adding to the mystery of the Cube is how some people actually believe it to have vanished. The reasons for this range from it being part of a shadowy conspiracy to it simply being debunked as a worthless piece of rock and tossed away as such. This, of course ignores the fact that the Cube does in fact exist, and can be found safely on display at its usual home, the Heimathaus Museum in Vienna.

Screaming Mummy


Discovered in 1886, a mummy with an agonized expression on his face has long since been the object of speculation. This mummy has all his organs intact, which is not customary with mummification. Many interesting theories have arisen, though none have been proven right or wrong.Bob Brier, a University of Long Island archaeologist, speculated that two parties were responsible for the mummy’s agonized expression. One was the murderer, while the other ensured full preservation of the body (possibly due to a personal relationship with the victim). Other researchers and archaeologists have come up with theories ranging from cold-blooded murder to poisoning to being buried alive. A 2008 National Geographic documentary special investigated the possibility that the mummy could be Prince Pentewere (son of Pharaoh Ramses III), who was suspected of planning his father’s murder. Ancient documents from the 12th century claimed one of Pharaoh Ramses III’s wives was tried for conspiring to kill him, due to her desire for Pentewere to take over the throne. It is thought that when this plan was discovered, she poisoned Pentewere as punishment and rolled him up in sheepskin after being mummified. If that was the case, the “scream” could have been due to the pain from the poison ingested. However, only a CT scan had been done of the screaming mummy, and it remains pure speculation whether the mummy was in fact Prince Pentewere.Less sensational theories suggest that the mummy’s jaw is open simply because his head most likely rolled back after death occurred. But even that bit of realism is as good a guess as anybody else’s.

Ever-Burning Lamps


Lamps that kept on burning without using any fuel were discovered all over the world during the Middle Ages. These lamps were sealed into tombs, supposedly to ensure the deceased had light to guide them on their way to the afterlife. Some of these tombs were opened years later, and the lamps were still burning.Superstitious types became terrified of this phenomenon, destroying any ever-burning lamp they came across. People accused pagan priests of trickery. Others simply refused to believe that a lamp could burn for an indefinite period of time. The vast majority claimed that the Devil was to blame.Speculation was also rife that Hebrew communities had discovered and preserved what today is known as electricity. According to the legend, a French rabbi named Jechiele possessed a lamp that could light up by itself, with no fuel or wick. Jechiele, according to this tale, invented a special button that would discharge an electric current to his metal door knocker. If someone touched the door knocker at the same time the rabbi touched the nail, the person would receive a shock and double over.Even with electricity being a common thing nowadays, all who have tried to replicate the ever-burning lamps have failed. Therefore the question remains: How were these lamps able to keep burning for hundreds of years without fuel?

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The AU list

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Hey guys!

Many of you are planning on getting new laptops for the new school year or just want to spice up your laptop with some color, so here’s three of my favorite things for laptop accessories: (Note: the following links are for a Macbook Pro 13-inch non-retina, so if you have a different make/model, you may need to do some searching for one that fits your laptop)

  • Cases. Probably my #1 most recommended thing to purchase for any laptop. Put one on as SOON as you get your laptop. My old, unprotected laptop suffered an untimely death when someone drop-kicked my bag. A cheap 15 dollar case would have prevented it from getting crushed, so for my new one, I put it in a case the minute I got it. There’s two main styles for most cases I’ve seen: matte finish and non-matte finish. I’ve had both and I prefer matte finish, it hides smudges and dirt much better than the non-matted style.
  • Keyboard Covers. These are cheap, cute, conventional and a necessity for any laptop. If you’re like me and you eat anywhere near your laptop, you definitely need this. They’re ridiculously cheap on Amazon and are quite durable. I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s just now starting to tear from abuse. They come in all sorts of styles and patterns, so search around a bit for one you love!
  • Decals. These are the best for personalizing your laptop! I’ve got decals representing all of my fandoms and I get comments on them daily. Show your pride and make your laptop your very own! A simple (fandom) + computer decal search on Amazon or Google will find you almost every decal out there! Some of the ones I’ve got on my laptop are Supernatural, Batman, Sherlock and a caffeine molecule (because I love coffee and science, naturally). They’re usually really cheap and easily removable if you need to take them off for whatever reason. There’s all sorts of stuff you can find out there for all types of things! Happy hunting! 

Protecting your laptop is a must these days, so why not do it with a bit of flair and self-expression? 


Hey Lovelies!

This is a full list as to what I keep in my kitchen :) I’ve had a few different questions recently about what I eat and what I have in my kitchen so I decided to do a master list which includes everything in my kitchen cupboards but not in my fridge or freezer. If you’d like to see what’s in there then take a look at my previous post :)

If you have any suggestions as to any vital ingredient I might be missing then let me know and I’ll take a look!

Hope you’re all having a great day :D

Poppybird20 xxx

☆ top 12 tips for being an ORGANIZED sorority leader! ☆

Q: I’m head of rush for a local sorority and I’m just feeling so overwhelmed with responsibility. Do you have any advice? School hasn’t even started and I’m already having anxiety over it. :(

A: The key to not getting overwhelmed is ORGANIZATION! If you are organized and detail oriented, planning will be more exhilarating… and not so agonizing! As a huge FAN of being organized, I can tell you it works. You need a planner, or your laptop/ipad to keep notes and lists, lists, lists! If you make continuous lists, you can check things off as they are accomplished, remember what needs to be done, delegate assignments, make plans, etc… etc…

☆ top 12 tips for getting recruitment organized: ☆

  • Use a Planner. Either electronic or paper, a good planner is a must. Having one place for your dates, days, tasks, assignments and things to do each day is very important. Lilly agendas are my favorite. Use the planning calendar and all the pages to your best advantage. 
  • A Master Recruitment Timeline is vital. Start 4 months out and break down what needs to be done each month, each week and then as rush gets closer, each day and finally each hour. Your master schedule is your blueprint for staying on course when things seem overwhelming. 
  • FIle Folders & Notebooks Help. Even if you like to work electronically, notebooks and files are handy for taming paperwork and keeping samples, invoices, schedules and other information organized. Don’t feel bad about getting the right tools to make your job function. There is no shame in using the business like materials to be professional in your recruitment position. 
  • Make it CUTE. It’s Ok to decorate your notebook with cute stickers and a custom cover sheet. Add decals or graphics to your schedules. Theme your organization materials in your favorite color. Being organized does not mean boring and dull. You will be more excited about using your tools if they are perky and bright. 
  • Enlist a Deputy. Every successful chair has an assistant. Working in a team is more productive. You can share the burdens and have fun doing even the most unpleasant tasks together. It’s also great to have someone to bounce ideas off of. Don’t shoulder all the pressure of recruitment on all alone. Get a help-mate ASAP.
  • Assign Tasks to Reliable Sisters. The more you can delegate the better you will feel. If you organize your team, give them work to do and then follow up on the results, you load will be lightened. Monitor your helpers, but don’t micro manage. Pick the right people and your life will get less stressful.
  • Organize Your Space. You will need a spot (hopefully a desk) to be your recruitment HQ. A place where you can keep your files, notebooks, agenda and other planning materials. A place where you can review your to do lists, make phone calls, use your laptop, send messages, etc… Handling a complex project cannot be done on the fly from the coffee shop or in between classes on a campus bench. That’s find for quick updates, but to fully concentrate you need an organized space. 
  • Visual Reminders are Very Helpful. In addition to your planner, a cork board or memo board with post-it notes, samples, lists, diagrams and reminders is extremely beneficial for visually cueing your memory. I’m a very visual person, and I like to SEE what needs to be done. It’s also inspiring to have a print out of the bid day tee shirt design, party colors, photos and the weekly schedule displayed where they can inspire and motivate you. 
  • Combine Similar Activites. For maximum efficiency, combine tasks instead of running all over the place. Make all of your phone calls at one time, Do all your errands on the same day. Send emails at one time. Do all your shopping for party supplies in one trip. This will reduce headaches and keep you from becoming scattered. 
  • Make Decisions. As a leader you must make decisions and move things off your plate. If you dither and hesitate, many things on your ‘to do’ list will languish there undone. Committing to firm decisions is a must for making progress. Be informed and then be decisive. Nothing hurts a well organized project more than indecisiveness, multiple changes, and second guessing. It’s also expensive and frustrating to have things up in the air, or redone over and over. Make a wise decision and stick with it. 
  • Be Flexible. Recruitment will not go as planned. Be ready for the unexpected. Your stress will be reduced if you actually anticipate things not going perfectly. Don’t be pessimistic, but do be realistic about sudden problems popping up and the need to solve them as they occur. If you bend with the winds of change, you will maintain your sanity. Stay calm and tackle one issue at a time. 
  • Take Some Time Off Here and There. Planning recruitment can swallow you up. The project is all consuming. Don’t let it take over your entire life. Plan an afternoon off and sip a latte in the park. If you’re smothered by your sisters 24/7, carve out some “alone time” to just sit and relax. Watch a movie and eat popcorn. Whatever you can do to take break from the ongoing responsibility with refresh and revive your spirits. 

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

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1. When the boy you love kisses your neck and try’s to break your ribs so he can fit comfortably in your heart, do not let him. Tie your ribs with steel and tighten them. If he was the one he would never have to break you just to stay.

2. When the boy from the coffee shop sits at your table and starts talking about poetry, and the universe, and your favorite band do not let him under your skin. He will kiss your cheek when it’s cold out and leave you bleeding on the bathroom floor when he kisses the girl he met at the record store.

3. When the boy who looks like the devil himself brings you to bars and buys you a leather jacket, do not let his smoke filled kisses fill you with love. Spit out the vile that is his love and put on your favorite dress. He’ll be gone so quick you’ll think it was all a dream.

4. When the boy with the perfect eyes and trusting smile calls you baby and try’s to go farther than you’re ready push him away. You are filled with the universe, you deserve to be treated like a god damn star not a speck of dirt.

5. When the boy with the messy hair calls you at four in the morning just to tell you that you’re his world and that he loves you so fucking much. Don’t answer. Do not let his words burn into your skin. Because six months later he’ll be gone and you’ll be puking remembering the way his hands felt on your back.

—  Five boys who will eat you alive.
20 Creative Gift Ideas For Your Dog

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The Dogbrella


Dog Peek


Dog Food Drawer


Doggie Fountain


Indoor Dog House


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Dog Necktie Collar


Luxury Dog Bed


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