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Hey I was just wondering , am I the only one who noticed there isn't like hardly any interviews with David Tennant and Billie Piper together ? I only found like 3 or 4 on YouTube but that's it... Do you know if there is any more and where to find them ? And where is that video when they want to a radio channel or something like that ?

Here are some of their interviews!!!

You may or may not have seen all of these already (if you have I’m sorry) but there’s definitely not as many interviews of them together as there are of them seperate.

an oldie but a goodie :

being super cute during the 50th filming together :

david isn’t in this one but billie talks about him :

here’s the most adorkable one ever (plus there are picturessss) :

billie isn’t in this but david talks about her and he’s a cutie :

billie talks about kissing david (this is very important) :

audio interview :

a little short and blurry but still perf :

here’s a super awesome general list of the baes together (very useful)

not sure if any of these have billie in them but here’s a generally amazing list of david interviews :

Hope I was able to help out!

1. You cried when I told you I loved you. You didn’t cry when you left. I wonder if you knew it was over the second those words crossed my lips.

2. I get pounding headaches at the base of my skull, behind my ears. You used to kiss me there whenever I would fall asleep in your arms. I wonder if you meant to carve your name into my bones.

3. I tried to scald your touch off with hot water but your fingerprints are seared into my skin.

4. You told me I should write more poems because you liked to read them. I’m still writing for you, but I guess you’ll never see it. Does that ever make you sad?

5. Every time my heart beats I can feel the hollow spaces you left. Your body must be bursting at the seams from all the pieces of me you stole away.

6. I still remember the first time you kissed me. I felt on fire. I’ve kissed three people since and none of them have even warmed my lips.

7. Every time the phone rings I hope that it’s you. Do you ever think about calling?

8. Sometimes I hear your voice in a crowd and I still get chills. I remember how it sounded when you told me you loved me. I smiled for a week. Did you mean it?

9. Did you mean any of it?

—  9 things I think about in the shower.


Below I’ve listed some animals and what they’re called as babies. On the left is the species and on the right is what they’re called when they’re just (what we call ours) babies. Some of them will be common terms you’re all probably aware of, while others amy surprise you. Some animals have multiple names for their young and I may not list all of them. I’m going

Dog ——- puppy
Cat ——- kitten
Parrot ——- chick
Goat ——- kid
Horse ——- foal
Cow ——- calf
Alligator ——- hatchling
Alpaca ——- cria
Ape ——- baby
Armadillo ——- pup
Baboon ——- infant
Rat ——- pup
Bat ——- pup
Bear ——- cub
Bee ——- larva
Whale ——- calf
Tiger ——- cub
Lion ——- cub
Cockroach ——- nymph
Deer ——- fawn
Echidna ——- puggle
Eagle ——- fledgeling or eaglet
Eel ——- leptocephalus or elver
Duck ——- duckling
Elephant ——- calf
Fish ——- fry or fingerling
Fly ——- maggot
Fox ——- kit
Giraffe ——- calf
Frog ——- tadpole
Guinea Pig ——- pig or pup
Goose ——- gosling
Hare ——- leveret
Hawk ——- eyas
Hedgehog ——- piglet or pup
Hippopotamus ——- calf
Hog ——- shoat or farrow
Badger ——- kit or cub
Jellyfish ——- ephyna
Kangaroo ——- joey
Koala ——- joey
Manatee ——- calf
Moose ——- calf
Opossum ——- spat
Otter ——- whelp or pup
Oyster ——- spat
Ox ——- stot or calf
Owl ——- owlet or fledgling
Peacock ——- peachick
Partridge ——- cheeper
Pig ——- piglet or shoat or farrow
Platypus ——- puggle
Porcupine ——- porcupette
Rabbit ——- kit
Sheep ——- lamb
Swan ——- cygnet or flapper
Spiderling ——- spiderling
Snake ——- hatchling or neonate or snakelet

- animal blog

Why You Should Read 'Proxy' by Alex London

In a time of great influx of dystopian worlds where the protagonist inescapably is exasperating and nearsighted or the world is a replica of the one before it, one comes across Proxy.


Syd’s life is not his own. As a proxy he must pay for someone else’s crimes. When his patron Knox crashes a car and kills someone, Syd is branded and sentenced to death. The boys realize the only way to beat the system is to save each other so they flee. The ensuing cross-country chase will uncover a secret society of rebels, test the boys’ resolve, and shine a blinding light onto a world of those who owe and those who pay.

Diamond-cut world, complex characters.

Alex London has written an almost too real world in his novel; the similarities in our today’s society are jarringly familiar. The rich inevitably get the upper hand and the poor drown themselves in debts upon debts. But where he improvises, it’s breathtaking. The world as Syd and Knox know it is, in equal measures, sweeping and brute. And the characters. Man, are they complex. One  character understands that he has to do certain things to change the system and that it is the right thing to do, but he doesn’t want to be the hero. He just wants to live under the radar. And another’s sole motivation is self-preservation but he grows into the reader eventually.


Not only is the main character gay, he also has darker features. This book practically screams D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y.

Rebellion is the opening act.

In the tradition of The Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies—no, wait. Instead of the commonplace notion that Book Three is Where You Write Rebellion, book one gets all the glory here.

The pacing.

Proxy is a constant blaze of action and tension, of running and bickering. You can trick yourself into believing for an instant that the flow of the story is ebbing towards a steady rhythm and, viola, someone’s shooting someone. It is fast-paced without the reader feeling rushed. You have to hand it to London for carrying it out well.

It is a breath of fresh air in YA dystopia.

The protagonist falls for two persons and she cannot quite decide which one is more important, so she keeps them both right? I mean, it happens in real life, I get it. But c’mon, didn’t enough YA dystopia tackled that already? Proxy, on the other hand, has no reverie for The Great Trinity. The only relationship London focused on was that of a patron and his proxy and that’s ugly. Most of the time. (Hint: there’s Syd and Knox and Marie.)

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Hello fellow Gadgers! I read "Meant to be" by Belle453 and LOVED it. Can you please recommend stories (hopefully completed/getting updated regularly) about Gadge after the war? It's my favorite scenario! You guys rock! x cupcakesinnewyork

Thank you, cupcakesinnewyork (anon). Below is a list of Post War (Post-MJ) Gadge love stories:

Multi-Chapter Completed Stories:

Multi-Chapter “In Progress” Stories:


Abandoned/Not-Updated for at least a year:

Gadge fans, did we forget any Post MJ (post-war) Gadge love stories?

To-Do List
  • Watch Birdman and Dear White People
  • Go to the Brooklyn Museum, it’s been too long since I’ve been there
  • Have pumpkin scone at Alice’s Tea Cup
  • Check out a concert at Glasslands before it closes down!
  • Whiplash at Nitehawk. Even though, I already saw Whiplash, I was so blown away that I need to see it again, accompanied with a Whiplash-themed drink
  • Figure out what I’m dressing up as for Halloween

Killer team. ( like they know how to do the nasty work )

  • King
  • Nagera
  • Vii
  • Peach
  • Cinead
  • Amelia

Normal team ( He didn’t let them interact much with the bad stuff )

  • Rover
  • Mumble
  • Athos
  • Riccio
  • Lyall
  • Artemis

Another team ( Innocent bbies )

  • Liesel
  • Amory
  • Nimbus
  • Darlene
  • Rafe
  • Eidolon

The babies ( Little ones and their caretaker )

  • Titus
  • Thesan
  • Pyralis
  • Growlithe bby soon
  • Ryder
  • Freckles

No team ish

  • Zepto
  • Bleu

The amazing rabbit-kid tagged me in a thing where i have to list 15 things that make me happy.

  1. HUGS 
  2. Thunderstorms and rain
  3. Going for walks, especially at night
  4. Going out with friends and new people to new places
  5. Old schooly/rustic coffee shops and diners
  6. Relaxing in parks
  7. Games (video games, board games, social games)
  8. Dressing up and making fun & new outfits
  9. Dance
  10. Looking at art
  11. Baking
  12. Being able to help people i care about
  13. Poetry
  14. Having candles or fire in my surroundings for some reason (bonfires, smores, lighting instead of lightbulbs)
  15. People liking the things that I’ve made (ex: poetry, art, outfits)

I tag carry-on-my-sherlocked-whovian miss-mich gamebeware soulshoppe absolutepringle himynameisnoor j-aced amokalice not-all-cannibals mckenziekat notmusa thewomanlybrawler darkparadiseinmyheart i-am-lapis-lazuli i-am-the-pirate-queen

15 tags for 15 things that make me happy. that makes sense right?

An updated list of shit to do for myself ...
  • Feel comfortable with myself again.
  • Go to the dentist for my wisdom teeth.
  • Get another little bookcase.
  • Finish A Dance with Dragons.
  • Give old clothes to Goodwill. 
  • Clean the car inside and out. 
  • Buy/Read Looking For Alaska. 
  • Read the Divergent series. 
  • Get new tires and wheels for the Impala
  • Finish the Last of us DLC
  • Start figuring out what people want for Christmas. Fuck. 
  • Stop being sick D:< 
  • Get a better fuckin job
  • Register my car with the stupid apartment complex
  • Get wrapping paper
  • Figure out what to do for Thanksgiving