I am not

just someone you flirt with. Neither are you and neither is anybody else. Every person has a heart and a mind and a story that is SO worth getting to know and experiencing and if you’re not interested in that then don’t waste anyone’s time by talking to them. We deserve so much more than non-committal flings with rando people that consist of flinging meaningless words back and forth for a few weeks and then fizzle into nothing. People are people, NOT scratching posts. Flirting, when it’s just saying something to get someone to say what you wanna hear about yourself, is selfish, pointless and basically a waste of everyone’s time. If you like someone, be real with them. That’s super cool. Get to know them as a human being and see how your personalities and quirks and lives in general match up. Stop wasting your time chasing temporary highs that will only let you down and burn it into your heart that you deserve something REAL. Someone who’s gonna be there when it’s all over, someone who knows who you REALLY are and accepts you for it and works well with it. You deserve something you know is worth fighting for, not something you feel like you could lose at any second. You are a cool person worth getting to know. You are worthy of love. You deserve a chance.