R.I.P Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes /  May 27 1971 - April 25 2002

I’ve had dreams where in the dream she’s alive. But it’s crazy, because in my dream I know that she passed away but when I see her I’m like, ‘Oh My God! We have to let everybody know that you’re alive!’ It’s like that. I haven’t had one of those dreams in a few months, but that’s how it is when I dream about her. Her passing was definitely one of those times when I hoped she was pranking us. She would do stuff like that. She would just go missing. That was the one time I would have been alright with it if it had been that. Unfortunately, it was not. - Chili on Lefteyes death [x]

On 25 April 2002, we lost the “L” of the #1 R&B girl trio in America, TLC. Lisa “Left Eye” Nicole Lopes. Today is the mark of the 13 year anniversary since her pass. After I watched her documented life, it came to a point that I see her in a different light. She believed that once you “die”, you transform. In particular, into a star and what she called herself, a Supernova. That is what she is. Do not the loss of her be in vain. Celebrate her life! Keep her spirit alive! Rest In Peace, Lisa. You are dearly loved and missed.