Day 9 - Saddest game scene

I’m torn. There are pretty remarkably sad scenes in gaming. But there were two that really stood out for me…and that would be scenes in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Lost Odyssey. (Some of my other favorite sad scenes include games like Xenosaga Ep III, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Final Fantasy X…also, I haven’t played Crisis Core…though duh since it’s a prequel I know the sad ending…but I haven’t watched it yet cause I still want to play it!!)

BUT…I still went ahead a chose one, and for just one reason. 

*spoilers* I thought it was necessary to point out cause this I can’t skip explaining!

Saddest Scene: LOST ODYSSEY (XBOX360)


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That one reason? The screams of young children. 

This scene…seriously…this scene. It got me. Now I may or may not had physically shed a tear, but it was ingrained in memory forever. 

Now obviously, serious spoilers ahead…BUT…

Kaim, the main character, is an immortal. For a while, he was living a normal life…with his wife and child. Those days came crashing down when he witnessed his daughter, Lirum, fall to her death off a cliff. Since then, his memory was unclear.  But one day, he comes across two children and they bring him to their house. They show him to his sick mother. That sick mother is Kaim’s daughter, whom he thought dead for years and years. 

To think, to finally have found her again, she is within her last moments. Like a shot from a bullet, all walls come crashing down for Kaim, as he holds his long lost daughter, dying…in his arms. Lirum…she is happy. And she can finally rest. She closes her eyes.

The tears pour down, Kaim breaks down…Lirum’s children…Kaim’s “grand children”…they scream…and they scream. 

I can’t even…seriously the saddest moment in gaming ever. No really, I mean it. 

And from this moment on…you really see Kaim’s character truly evolve. He began as the wanderer, became the gentlemanly family man…thought he lost his family…and became the brooding mercenary. He finds his family again and those emotions once lost are regained, and you watch him grow as he now takes care of his grandchildren throughout his journeys. Touching? Oh hell yes. And you witness all this transformations and really take notice that Kaim is one of the most well written protagonists of recent…actually, since ever. It’s truly sad this game didn’t get more recognized. There is some amazing content in Lost Odyssey, and phenomenal characters. 

Anyway…yes, this scene can’t ever be topped for me. 

LINK (in case anyone wanted to witness it…though if you haven’t played it, GO BUY IT):

Day 9

Saddest scene for me goes to Lirums death in Lost Odyssey.
After spending years without your memories you finally remember you had a daughter but believed her to be dead. However when you are finally reunited she dies only moments after your reunion. #lostodyssey #kaim #lirum #immortal

Goes Faster the Second Time

My second trip from the Crossing to Theren was a lot faster than the first one. Probably because I knew where I was going this time…

I bought a few things at the festival, and Pinkums wasn’t kidding when she said that you could spend all of your money in a hurry there…Just a belt and a bag cost me 2 platinum Lirums. Still, worth it. Definitely worth it. I can always earn more money.

That...could have gone better

I went hunting south of Theren. I was sure I could handle it.

I was wrong. So very, very wrong.

The kelpies caught me by surprise. I had no shield, and they were armed with bows and arrows…I managed to slay a few beasts, and a troll, as well as several kelpies before I had to retreat. Unfortunately, there were a number of arrows lodged in my body, and I was unable to remove them.

Several people walked right past me as I lay on the ground, bleeding out.

Fortunately, death is rarely permanent in Elanthia, but I could have done without loosing all of the money I had on me when I was forced to depart. I had to travel all the way back to the Crossing to get a few thousand Lirums so that I could enjoy the festival properly, and now I have to go all the way back to Therenborough.