lirael030 said:

My little girl sounds like she's sneezing. I'm not sure if that's what's actually happening, but that's what it sounds like. She also sounds very congested. Do you think she has a cold, or could it be a respiratory infection? My normal vet doesn't really know much about mice... Should I look for a specialist? What can I do for her in the meantime?

Mice can very quickly and easily go downhill, especially with respiratory issues, so I would absolutely recommend finding a vet experienced with them ASAP.  Mice rarely *just* have colds, so any strange sound in their breathing is worthy of a visit.

In the meantime, what I’ve found to work best with breathing issues in rodents is to bring them into the bathroom with you while you shower.  The steam can help open up their airways and make it easier to breathe, at least for a little while. 

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redheadwithshears Questions

1) Coffee or Tea?

I love tea :) and I can only drink it black with sugar, no milk!

2) Which character from any fandom do you relate to most?

Hmmm..  this is tough. I probably relate to Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Not only do I want to look like her, but I understand a lot of her problems, like wanting to be something you aren’t.

3) Favorite video game?


4) Favorite stress relieving activity?

Painting. I can really bring my emotions out when I paint, I quite enjoy it :)

5) Favorite fast food chain?

I get really excited if I know I am going to Burger King XD

6) How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Hopeful, artistic, caring

7) What is your favorite song at the moment and briefly describe why?

It’s always been “Simple and Clean” by Utada Hikaru because it’s from my favorite video game but it also just makes me feel good when I listen to it. It brings back good memories of me drawing, being with my family, etc.

8) Are you happy with your natural hair color or do you want to color it? If so, what color?

Yes, I’m very happy with my hair ^_^ red all the way!

9) OTP?

Difficult! But the ultimate one is Riku x Sora <3

10) Have you ever played Tales of Vesparia?

No, is it fun?

11) If you had a motto, what would it be?

Go fuck yourself. I say this all of the time, unfortunately.

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1. What is your favorite meal to eat for dinner?

2. Do you have any regrets?

3. What is one thing about yourself that you love?

4. Did you do anything fun for Halloween?

5. Who do you confide in when you are upset?

6. How would you describe your style of clothes?

7. Have you ever played “Slender”? What do you think? If not, go play it. NOW what do you think?

8. Are you the type of person who likes to fix broken things yourself or call in a specialist?

9. What was the weather like today?

10. Do you wish upon stars?

11. Would you rather own a pet cat or dog? Which type and why?

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