In the newspapers, it says hip hop called rock ‘n’ roll racist
Six raped the five, and the Maybach taped it
A hundred dollar bill just signed a record deal
But he blew all his money on a bracelet
And giving the gold dollar a facelift
A button up just drove by in a 6-4 Impala
And all the Rolexes is hating, you see the smirks on they faces
The Hav-A-Tampas is defending the Dutches
They keep catching cases
But the judge is a Swisher
He just gives him I-bonds and community service with the papers
So the Newports get mad at the Zig-Zags
Then out come the razors, see the Kools is killers on the creep
Rush up on a Philly, leave his guts spilling on the street
Some gold grills burned down the building of some teeth
Some sharpened toothbrushes is holding a trampoline
Caught some children from the leap
I just seen Rocawear rock Sean John to sleep
With the same heat that Baby Phat carried
Sprint was pimping Nextel, she just gave head to a BlackBerry
I heard she goes two ways but he was skeeting in her face
As it was beeping on my waist
This is the mind of Lupe
Just make sure my mic’s on
When I twilight zone, zone, zone
Zone, zone, zone, zone  - Lupe Fiasco