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Start Playing with Liquid Fun Paint and See What you Can Create

LiquidFun Paint is a creative application created to demonstrate the use of LiquidFun, an open source technology that provides developers with a liquid particle system and physics simulation. You can find out more about LiquidFun by clicking here.

LiquidFun Paint lets users create with three drawing tools: The liquid paint tool lets you fill up a scene with multicolored fluids that flow, drip and slosh realistically. The sticky paint tool lets you draw images that will not move or be affected by fluids. The dry paint tool lets you draw objects that will float, bob and move with the fluid.

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Discovered this in the prime of my alcoholism. *cough* Junior yr of College *cough*

It’s called a “Rainbow Shooter”. It’s soooo cute. I never looked up each ingredient just because.. I don’t care. It’s cute as fuck. Soooo… watch the video!