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Time can heal, time can hurt but at the end all that remains are memories. Beautiful movie. Highly recommended. I would so far as to say mooshlahm.

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Written and directed by Jonathan Sagall, Lipstikka (Odem) is a tale about 2 Palestinian women (Lara & Inam) who reunite in London, where they go over the details of the life-changing event which occurred when they were teens in Jerusalem via a series of flashbacks and different perspectives.

Lara is an introverted Muslim, prefers members of her own sex and has a weakness for hard liquor. Inam is a Christian, an extrovert who favours male company and indulges in it. However, religion plays no part in their lives.

Years later, Lara is bound in a loveless marriage with an advertising executive. She is the mother of a seven year-old boy and still uses liquor as a solution to all her problems. Then Inam drops by uninvited, and their evidently uncomfortable relationship leads to a series of flashbacks, first to their early London days and then to the one shocking encounter with two Israeli soldiers in a Jerusalem cinema.


It’s very interesting to see more Middle East-oriented films with LGBT content coming out these days. We have “Circumstance,” (Persians) being released in theatres this weekend and now we have “Lipstikka” (Palestinians) doing its rounds at film festivals now… I applaud the cast and crew of these films because of the danger the content poses to them.

I will defo check out this film when it’s available for us to see..! :)

Meanwhile, do visit the official website….