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I have tons of body problems. I've had eczema all over my body since birth and developed rather severe scoliosis that makes me look bent over and lumpy. I try so hard to cover it up but I've realized that it won't go away. It's so hard to feel pretty but I've learned to love the little things, like my eyelashes and lip shape, my BOMB ass cheekbones or my super woman thighs. I still struggle with body image but I feel like I'm getting better.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

tell me your body positivity stories

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"Rose Tyler, just the woman I needed to see." She turned around, a confused look on her face. "Who are you?" The man stopped dead in his tracks. "Rose, don't you remember me?" Had he regenerated without noticing? He looked down and then he felt his face and hair- just like this morning. He dropped her off at her mum's yesterday in human time. At least that's what he thought... "My name's not Rose Tyler, that's my mum. I'm Sara. Sort of named after my mum's old friend..."(pt.1)

That’s when he really looked at her, she was younger-maybe 16 years old. She had icy blue eyes and a different lip shape, but she was definetly Rose’s daughter- that fierce look of defiance, the nose and the hair were the same. He explained who he was-her eyes widened and at the end his daughter(!) slapped him so hard it would make Jackie Tyler proud. She told him to leave right now, in the TARDIS, and get the date right and pick her mum (his pregnant Rose! Pregnant!) up at the right time.

GUESS WHO IS FINALLY DRAWING OT5 GIRLEE??? THATS RIGHT ITS MEEEEE~~~ im sooo happy~~~ even though there’s only two so far i do plan to sketch the other three sometime tomorrow after work. atm i’m just using the same base to make them all about the same size as far as the head goes so i can work on the body from there. once i’ve done the base sketch for each of our lovelies i’ll do the lineart where i’ll change little things (eyes, face shape, lips, etc) to make them individual and more like themselves~~~. either way, im really excited that i finally got to this, i’ve wanted to draw girlee for a long time now so yeah it’s pretty great for me~~

  • Aries:Prominent nose, large forehead, strong eyebrows, close-set eyes, and bright cheeks.
  • Taurus:Bow-shaped lips, thick neck and limbs, thick hair, and nice smile.
  • Gemini:Long limbs, high cheekbones, symmetrical, sparkly eyes, thin, usually tall.
  • Cancer:Usually brunettes, short, small eyes, full lips, and petite noses.
  • Leo:Thick hair, knowing look, large cat eyes, small waists, and big smile.
  • Virgo:Tend to be fair skinned, clear skin, and delicate features.
  • Libra:Dimples, symmetrical features, and high cheekbones.
  • Scorpio:Dark and hypnotic eyes, glowing skin, and permanent scowl.
  • Sagittarius:Nice jawlines, pronounced forehead, wide smiles, and tall.
  • Capricorn:Dark and small eyes, dark hair, and high cheekbones.
  • Aquarius:Large eyes, thin, well defined features, and usually have either very long or very short hair.
  • Pisces:Tend to be short with delicate, butter-like features. Many have the potential to become obese.
Shapes/Types of Lips

Lip Anatomy

Shapes of Lips

Thick Lips

Thin Lips

Unequal Lips
Lips are not so symmetrical.

Lips Fallen

The corner of your lips are tilted downwards.

Smooth Lips

They are the best textured lips, which are equal looking and smooth to touch.

Oomph Lips

  Sexy Lips These are the pouty and sensual looking lips.

  Dry Lips Generally dry lips are dry and get cracked or peel off easily especially in cold weather.

Types of Lips Shape

1. Full Types of Lips:
They are rich and pouty and have a great sex appeal to them. Fuller lips may not always be symmetrical. Simply put, this type is curvy and voluptuous.


2. Round Types Of Lips Shapes:

This type look somewhat like a button and is very charming and makes you look cute.


3. Shapeless Lips:
Shapeless lips have no shape or a defined outline.


4. Thin Lips :

5. Wide Types Of Lips Shapes:

These are the lips, which are wide and stretched.

6. Uneven Lips: