Too Cool For School: Max in Pocket 02 Pink Pink.


Annyeong haseyo! <3 Today’s coolio review is from Too Cool For School and it’s their Max in Pocket 02 Pink Pink! This was sent to me by TCFS PH so thank you!!! Thank you to Ms. Marla too <3


Even though it’s in Korean~ I bet that it states that it could be hanged and chained onto things!~ kekeke :))


Whole year round pocket lip balm, moisturize lips, handy and trendy with a mini chain and mirror for a perfect quick touch up.

The main thing that I noticed from the packaging is that it’s all in KOREAN~ I hope that in the future, since they’re reaching out to the global market, they indicate English descriptions and list of ingredients too! <3


They have 3 shades available Kiss Kiss which looks like a lovely red, Pink Pink which was the one that was given to me, and Dolly Dolly which looks like a cute peachy color.


Max is the coolest cat in Korean Cosmetics!~ The packaging is definitely unique! <333


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