Lion'esque Style Love "Without the Handles" Contest for POP Chips

Our go-to-snack, POP Chips, perfect for Girl Talk & Girl Time is NOW partnering with us for a POPCHIPS case giveaway!! Kick off July with some flavor.

Tweet the link to this post with your favorite POPChips flavor and tag @popchipsLA & @lionesquestyle. We will ship on lucky winner a case for your next party. Winner announced online July 1st after we air on the WPIX Morning Show :)


Healthy Flavor, natural spice and seasonings & no whipping our grease stained fingers accidently on our fashionita gear by designer Sandra Baquero!

Healthy bbq TIPS

Though beef burgers and hot dogs are traditional, choose a leaner cut of meat such as chicken or turkey or even a vegetarian option like a portabella mushroom Pick a whole wheat bun or even better – go bun less and wrap a piece of lettuce around your protein Incorporate veggies into your meal whether its extra fun toppings on your burger or a side of grilled skewers Choose healthier snack options like popchips over fried potato chips Try to cut out some of the alcohol and drink non sweetened ice teas and water AND.. we just got word of popchips spiciest new flavor on the block, jalapeno! be sure to keep an eye out for them and spice up your snack life!

    Our Lion’esque Style preferred… Barbeque.. Hmmmmm!


    Guess who will be the Events and PR writer for @osfashion along brands such as @vogue @lionesquestyle @3rdwavefashion @nolchafashion and many more, yes me @styleastgroup !! Launching In September a biweekly newsletter!! #vogue #osfashion #lionesquestyle #lionesquemedia #styleastgroup #startupfashion #fashion #instadaily #instagood #eventprofs #nolchafashion (Taken with Instagram)

    Behind the scenes look at my work for Lion’esque partnering with The One Dress Project mission which raises awareness and funds on behalf of organizations around the world that enhance and protect women’s health, reduce violence against women, educate young girls, and support women to play an active role in society. With every dress purchased, the One Dress Project created by Malcolm Harris, will give a young girl in need a new school uniform to assist her in continuing her education. “Wear One Share One” is supported by big names like Angelina Jolie, it’s one dress for a better world.

    Each woman in this shoot is an inspiration to young girls everywhere.

    • Lauren Mailan Bias - CEO of Luxury Market Branding. Founder of an award-winning wine brand at 19. Former model turned entrepreneur.
    • Shannon Oliver - Miss NY 2012.
    • Rachael Baxter - Founder/CEO of Conscious Magazine.
    • Leena Guverich - Retail & Marketing Director.
    • Kelly Hoey - Connector, Catalyst & CoFounder.
    • Samantha Lim - Fashion Editor, Stylist & Digital Brand Strategist.
    • Melissa Gonzalez - Founder & CEO of Lion’esque Style

    Each dress can be tied and wrapped into 7 different looks. All the accessories pulled and dress can be found on Lion’

    Menswear Inspire Women's Footwear Fetish

    As a shoe model, I can’t ignore the boat shoe!


    Pictured above wearing ROCKPORT!

    The nautical look is very much in, and the boat shoe or variations of it, go hand in hand. I’d love to say I can walk all day in the city in gorgeous stilletto heels but the truth is sometimes you need to rest your pretty feet. Comfy should still always mean cute! Boat shoes are just the beginning of men’s inspired footwear fashion.

    See our other inspired new looks in loafers and oxfords which are a great alternative:


     By Balenciaga


     Boutique 9

    Think vintage chic on your bike or a nice relaxing brunch outside!

    Lion’esque Style Hunted by Aliana Galan


    Red Wings Boots - Bringing Trendy Durability in your Lifestyle

    Bring Ole School into Cool

    Since 1905, Red Wing Shoes have traditionally created a quality and durable product for style and usability.


    Built to last in harsh working conditions such as mining, or working on oil fields!


    But if you just happen to be a trendy New Yorker looking for the right boot that will get you through this upcoming frozen terrain in style, their lifestyle boots are definitely worth taking a look at!

    You can order Red Wing Shoes at their website and at various online retailers!

    Lion’esque Style Watch by Tradell Hawkins

    Transform into Fall with N:F:P

    I was transported into a whimsical, cozy dreamlike world at the N:F:P show last week.

    Emerging designer Gail Travis who has formerly worked with Calvin Klein and Vera Wang took us into the world of a girl who has just discovered a New Form Perspective.

    Inspired by architecture and sculpture, N:F:P's aesthetic is one of a highly designed, multifunctional piece of art. Every piece flows and her knitwear can be transformed, snapped, layered, or folded into something totally new and different.


    One of my favorites was a white knitted scarf that evolved into a cropped sweater, a turtleneck, then into a shrug. Her felt dresses were also something I could see myself wearing, they looked super comfortable and feminine.


    Meet Gail in person at RS POP Shop or shop her online beginning October 3rd at

    Fashionably Yours, Aliana Galan

    Lion'esque Tech Tuesday - Keeping Up with the @NYTimes

    The New York Times recently released, The Collection, a new ipad app for the fashion obsessed and way to target advertising to a more affluent ipad owning fashion audience. 

    The app aggregates media coverage from The New York Times, T Magazine and the International Herald Tribune into a kaleidoscope of images and stories fresh off the streets and runways of the globe. Content is divided into News, Runway, Trends, Street, and All and can be shared via email, facebook or twitter.


    The app is laid out beautifully and is easy to navigate. 

    Download The Collection now for free, because after January 1st readers will need to sign up for a Times subscription to get complete access to the app!

    Lion’esque Style Fashion-ology watch by @RunwaySavvy

    Fashion Forward Friday's- So Down with the Couture Puffer

    I stumbled on this image from a 2009 ad campaign for the Moncler line called Gamme Rouge. It is such a luxurious way to basically show a down coat. It completely got me in the mood to see what was new and unusual in the puffer coat category this season.


    Generally we are seeing a more couture approach to the typical puffer. There are non-traditional accents and draping that are making a simple coat into a statement piece all its own. The fabrics seem smoother and the colors neutral, making it easier to wear something warm that is still appropriate for work or evening. 


    From left to, wilkin jacket, $395;, alice + olivia shawl collar coat, $495;, treviso goose down jacket, $499.

    On the high end side I’m seeing so many feminine details. Lots of skirts like the ones on the coats below from Burberry and Moncler. There is also more color (per the color block trend this season) and girly ruffles, as on the YSL vest below, which is available in royal blue, orange and kelly green. 


    From left to right:, fur trim puffer jacket, $995;, moncler s serina, $1,350;, ruffle down vest, $875.

    Lion’esque Style Hunted by @QJM

    Moda Monday- Embellish Your Body with Anuja Tolia


    "Embellish Your Body, Strengthen Your Soul" is our motto towards life and she brings it into your life with her collection.

    Shop Anuja Tolia on our exclusive invite-only site using log in: LionesqueLaunch &

    Use discount code: LionesqueAnuja from today until October 23rd to save on select pieces from her collection!

    Fashion Forward Friday- Crazy for Caftans

    I’ve sorted out the best way to go from glum to glamorous in 60 seconds. Put on a caftan! On a whim I tried one on this week and I never wanted to take it off. Pending how you style it, a caftan can be worn day or night as long as you are prepared to feel fabulous. Chanel featured a flowing pastel caftan in their 2011 Resort line that you could easily picture wearing on a yacht docked in Monaco. Versions with earthy tribal prints seem ideal to wear while exploring on your next trip to Casablanca. Simple caftans paired with the right “it” bag and sunglasses suddenly seem city chic.


    Best ones I’ve seen on the net for your to own (from left to right):, butterfly caftan, $, spectrum caftan, $, monica ikat sari caftan, $310


    The only warning about caftans is that you should be prepared to want to wear it every day. And the only crazy you will really be, is crazy gorgeous!
    Lion’esque Style Hunt by Stylist Quiana McCarthy100% #InspiredBuy
    Thursday Threads with the Clarks Originals


    The brand based out of Somerset England was started by two brothers in 1825 making only rugs and slippers out of sheepskin, has evolved over the years. Their new line features the brands signature desert boot model and other contemporary styles inspired by Rock and Roll icons! 

    I’ve included a few pictures of my personal favorites from the collection. The brown and tan Clark's are perfect for a casual or dressed up look, giving you the oxford feel!



    Check out the entire collection and Hypbeast article here: 

    Also check out all of Clarks shoes on their website
    Lion’esque Style Watch with @4THawkins


    Bring Some Lion'esque Style to the Mistletoe

    Now that Christmas time is here yet again, I’m sure you ladies are wondering what’s the perfect gift to get your husbands, brothers, uncles or just male ‘companion.’

    My sister actually just came out and text me yesterday, “I’m at the mall, what do you want for Christmas?” 

    Here are few simple, yet cheap and equally amazing gifts the male in your life should enjoy!

    Cologne (YSL)


    Cologne is fairly cheap and if you get them a nice bottle for around $50-$70, and it will probably last him a while. Unless he uses the spray around the room and walk into the mist technique. The L’Homme by YSL is my personal favorite this season. 

    Ties (Johnnie O)

    You can’t go wrong here. Either a nice fancy one, or a plain solid tie that can be mixed in is always critical. Check this tie from Johnnie O!


    A Scarf (by JensenMartin)


    Guys never buy scarves, but we need them. I can’t recall ever going scarf shopping, but luckily the women in my life have kept me ‘wooled’ out when it gets treacherous out there! They will love this 100% wool tie from Jensen Martin.

    Nice Underwear (Burberry)


    We need these. Most guys will wear that last pair of underwear out until there are literally three holes to put his two legs into.

    Ladies… Help us out this winter!


    Lion’esque Holiday Style Watch by @4THawkins

    Moda Monday's Keeping it Local with Corrente


    When you buy a Corrente handbag you’re supporting a company that supports a community. You’re helping the world go round. Their philosophy is simple… handbags that are independently owned handbag label that prides itself on being small, genuine and conscientious.




    Get the Full Scoop on the Corrente Collection Here


    Thursday Threads- Bringing out the #FUR

    Fur is NOT just for the Ladies! This season Burberry and a few other designers are bringing back #FUR strong!

    Ranging from just a fur lapel peacoat, to a full shearling style fur coated peacot, Burberry has plans to keep you warm this winter.


    The tweed pea coat above with the brown mohair weave is bound to garner some much-deserved attention. The shearling leather aviator coat however is my personal favorite and is a more versatile, yet stylish look that you can wear more frequently.


     Also be sure to check out the Gucci double-breasted shearling, or similar styles this season.


    Shop the looks on, and Neimanmarcus.

    Lion’esque Style Hunt by @INCRBLHAWK

    Fashion Forward Friday's Wearable Python


    Salma Hayek did it in "From Dusk Till Dawn" but there are easier ways to make a statement in snakeskin!

    I recommend it with quite a few more layers and definitely without live reptiles.


    Python can be an extremely luxurious and powerful element in an outfit. And I absolutely love how these ladies temper it with distressed denim. Note the frayed sleeves on the denim vest and how both jeans are ripped. This balancing of the two elements really makes python wearable without looking forced or overdone.


    Above are some fantastic ways to add python to a casual look and still feel like a million bucks.

    From left to right:, cecelia classic barrel clutch $525;, bleach python scarf, $150;, imoni short python gloves, $250;, current/elliot python print jeans, $269.

    Lion’esque Style Hunt by @QJM


    Fall Forward in Fedoras with Goorin Brothers

    Now that fall is here, it’s the perfect time to stock up on that hat collection.


    Who better to shop with than American made – Goorin Bros. The San Francisco based business has been making hats since 1895 and they have truly perfected the craft. Their new collection features soft tan cashmeres, slick brown leathers, and warm printed wools.


    We encourage you visit their shops in Brooklyn and West Village here in NYC!

    Lion’esque Style hunted by Tradell Hawkins


    Fashion Friday's Timeless Toes with Lion'esque Style


    Based on the positive feedback from our “Timeless Tops” blog entry about turtlenecks, I plan to have reoccurring “timeless” themed entries throughout the year. Our next timeless spotlight is on the penny loafer. Clearly a classic on Grace Kelly (left above) and still a hot Hollywood staple on Diane Kruger (right above). Two equally appealing takes and I especially like the scarf in Diane’s updated version. So let’s check out more current street style focused on this favorite footwear…


    There are some aspects of styling your loafers that have been maintained since their initial popularity, like wearing them with a tapered pant, adding a small cuff and remembering to put in your penny. However, to make this classic feel fresh again, our new school wearers have updated the look with pops of color and current accessories.


    (From left to right): Do these first pair look familiar? They are the same style that Diane Kruger is rocking in the first photo. Studs make this super modern take on the classic black penny loafer from Miu Miu. Currently available at for $337. The second pair are my favorite, no break in necessary for those that love the effortless look. They completely imply that you probably wore them everyday at prep school. I won’t tell, if you won’t. From, called Waylon Coco for $89. You can’t go wrong with the classic ox blood loafer. Neither black, nor brown, they work as a neutral to wear with everything. These are available from, by Sebago in cordo for $92. The last loafers are the result of a collaboration between Bass and shoe designer, Rachel Antonoff. Check out how the red and white center area forms two hearts on their sides. The WendyBird style is a must for statement shoe lovers from, $129.

    Lion’esque Style Watch by @QJM