This past week has certainly been a whirlwind of media fun! Thank you to all of the bloggers, discussion forum participants, and social media sharers that made the Lionelstitchie project make headlines. The Huffpo feature this morning was the cherry on top of an incredible December. 

When I began the project it was an exercise that I kept up solely to help me regain strength and confidence in my studio practice. I would say by that measure, it is most certainly a success! To have an incredible community of journalists and creatives come together and enjoy the work as well is humbling, to say the least. 

Happy holidays everyone! May the new year send you off into a weird pet project of your own devising that helps restore you from the inside out. 


The summer is shaping up to be incredibly busy already. My sister’s wedding was beautiful, (she loved her wedding quilt), and now I’m back at work planning shows for the next year at the gallery. Many things to catch up on here, but all in due time. 

In the meantime, this great couch on our block wasn’t getting any love over the weekend so I started a pet project.

You don’t really think of Milwaukee as a ‘college town’, but come june and july students move right the fuck out of their houses and leave all their shambles burning behind them on the sidewalk. It’s a mass exodus, and its always hilarious to see. I thought I would provide some furniture commentary and see where it takes me.