a lionbear! decided to try to make one c: its a polar bear/lion and a girl i think despite the mane? i dont…know how that worked out shdf maybe its polar bear fluff…?? havent decided on a name yet either hM 

also whoops i forgot the back claws on some of the sketches ahah;; but they are supposed to be there yep!

lionbear species by vulturous !

vikingwithoutastory asked:

Logan was a little too big for Swag's room at the moment, but he felt that something was wrong and felt he needed to do something about it. The clouds above the building parted, letting through bright sunlight and permitting the visibility of a lovely rainbow. He then flops his head on the bed and snorts. Swaaaag.

It appears as if a dragon has joined the furry cuddlepile. He is very much welcome and he gets a two small coolers of fish Godbrew and Monster Godbrew. Swag didn’t know for sure what he would want because of the shape-change, but hey, maybe the dragon could mix them together.

Dragon/lionbear/kitten/swagod cuddlepile initiated. If anybody else wants in the room is filling up fast.

Logan, move your tail or Jello is gonna pounce on it.

anonymous asked:

There is suddenly an entire room full of liver lionbear treats. Like, to the roof. Wall to wall. Many treats. So goddamn many treats. And buried somewhere in all of the treats is a single cherry on top. Go for it, mama lionbear.

NYOOM. GOTTA GO FAST. She’s just noming like pacman. NOMNOMNOM

oceanicchimera asked:

Crawls up to Swag and just flops her head on his tummy. Achy lionbear comfort cuddles.

Decides to pet said lionbear and hang out in a big lump of lionbear/drunkgod/kitten cuddles. Yes, this is a good thing. Look, he even got you a bottle of liver-flavoured Godbrew. Don’t ask how he knows, he just does. It’s like he can read what each person’s favorite alcohol is just by looking at them.

Pet, pet, pet. Flop face into fur. Mumble a vague ‘sorry’ into fur. Drink alcohol. It’s not a bad way to build up a buzz again.