lion mane

steven⋆universe || ✬♬ i could even learn how to love, like you ♬✬ 

✧ a mix of my favorite songs from the su ost ✰

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✰ track list::

I. twilight run
II. alone together
III. steven’s shield
IV. amalgam
V. moonlit battlefield
VI. strawberry battlefield
VII. i’m still here
VIII. lion’s mane
IX. the hill
X. rose’s fountain
XI. rose’s room
XII. lion’s ocean
XIII. paradise
XIV. greg on the beach
XV. love like you

numbuh-w asked:

Now that i know you watched the sneak peek... why do i think the *knock knock* back at UG from Steven's gem will hunt us back someday? i mean it could be just a gag in a normal Uncle Grandpa episode... but here we're in a Steven Universe episode... im getting too paranoid xD

I think it was just a gag like knocking on a hollow container makes an echo sort of thing, but you never know with SU, hiding plot points in gags is something they’re known to do. I mean, I doubt something ‘knocked back’ so to speak but it may be alluding to the inner space within a gem (from the comics, also possibly what Lion’s mane-verse is)

A maned lioness with a regular maneless female friend.

Maned lionesses have been regularly sighted in the Mombo area of Botswana‘s Okavango Delta, where the lion population may carry a genetic disposition toward the phenomenon. It has been suggested that they are genetically disposed to have a high level of testosterone, causing the mane growth.