Allah raises whoever humbles himself to Allah, and a lot of the claimants to knowledge, the only thing that lead them to where they are at now in being conceited (proud of oneself), is Ta’aalum (A person who makes himself out to be a person of knowledge while he has little or no knowledge), arrogance and being deluded by the little knowledge they attained. Some of the Salaf stated:

“A man continues to have knowledge so long as he continues to seek knowledge, once he believes he is knowledgeable – he is ignorant.”

From amongst the benefits I attained from Shaykh Hammaad – may Allah have mercy upon him – who was from amongst the scholars of the blessed Salafi Da’wah upon the methodology of the virtuous Imaams past and present, he said:

Knowledge is of three types:

1) Knowledge that inherits arrogance,
2) Knowledge that inherits the fear of Allah,
3) Knowledge that inherits humility.