Lincredible, And Humble Too

When I first heard about Jeremy Lin, I was impressed and baffled. When I saw his highlights on television, all I could think about was how anyone could possibly miss someone with such immense talent. Tonight was my first in-depth look at Lin, and it was accompanied with a feeling of doubt, a nagging sensation that Lin’s numbers could be too good to be true. 

That doubt is gone now. Tonight, Jeremy Lin succeeded in two efforts that required nerves of steel. First, Lin was faced with an opportunity to put much-needed points on the board when his team was down three. He drove to the hoop, was fouled, made a tough layup, and hit a free throw to tie the game. Then, Lin stared down his defender with the clock winding down, and nailed a game-winning three-pointer.

But the best part? In his postgame interview on MSG, Lin did nothing but praise his teammates. He said that Iman Shumpert, who was moved to guard Jose Calderon after Lin’s subpar defensive performance “bailed me out” on defense. Halfway through the talk, Knicks guard Landry Fields kissed Lin on the face. After that interview, I wanted to kiss him too. 

This guy is the real deal.