The Connection is a beautiful first person puzzle game in which you explore a vast minimalistic expanse, while connecting loose ends in increasingly complex puzzles.

The Connection gives you no tutorial or explanation of what you have to do – you simply explore and experiment to figure  it out yourself.  The vast white landscape is made up of completely of colorless cubes, but there are also some mysterious black sculptures which you can rotate sections of.  These might help you make a connection…

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It may come as no surprise that we love GIFs at Alpha Beta Gamer.  So what better than a game created entirely from them?  #GIFingAround is a fun cross platform party game that allows you to use any GIF from the Internet to create the funniest response to a statement.

A little like Cards Against Humanity but with GIFs, each round starts with a player acting as the Original Poster who must submit a reaction-inducing post.  The rest of the players then choose a response from the selection of random GIFs they’ve been dealt and the Original Poster selects the funniest.

Coming to Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, and Android, #GIFingAround is a fun game, and even allows you to use custom GIFs from the net.  However, as we’ve created a GIF of a GIF-based game, we’re in imminent danger of creating an infinite GIF-loop and breaking the internet.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that!

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Off-Peak is a short and surreal first person adventure that takes place in a huge, cathedral-like train station, packed with fantastic artwork and strange characters for you to meet and converse with.

There’s always something new to discover and secrets to unearth as you dive deeper into the bizarre world of Off-Peak.

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A few months ago I made a personal guide to installing Arch Linux. The idea was to be more in depth than the official guide, but more refined than the beginner’s guide. Any interest in providing scans?

Why you should use Linux:
  • It’s free. (Both in price and in philosophy. When using Linux, the user has complete control over what’s going on in their PC, unlike Mac/Windows which are closed-source and keeps everything hidden.)
  • It’s beautiful. (There are many different desktop environments and themes available made by the community, allowing far more customization than Mac OS X or any incarnation of Windows.)
  • It’s secure. (Most programs are distributed through a Package Manager, a piece of software comparable to an App Store, and every program on it is approved by the people who run the Package Manager - you don’t even need an anti-virus software.)
  • It’s fast. (Most desktop environments/distros are much more lightweight than Windows or Mac.)
  • It’s everywhere. (Linux is installed on everything these days: smartphones, routers, modern TVs, even toasters.)
  • It’s growing. (As the userbase of Linux rapidly grows, so does the amount of support for it. By using Linux and submitting bug reports and feedback, you are helping it as a whole improve.)
  • It’s easy. (Contrary to popular belief, Linux is not this super intimidating thing that only aliens can comprehend. Many distros like Linux Mint and Ubuntu are designed from the ground up to be user friendly and have tons of support, most issues can be resolved with a quick visit to Google instead of having to buy a new Macbook or doing a complete reinstallation.)
Running Qt + MySQL application

Yesterday I tried to run my university project made with Qt and MySQL. But all I got was strange error message, saying QMYSQL driver is not loaded whilst loaded driver list actually included that one.

Searching all over the internet up ‘til 2 AM and recompiling the whole Qt gave no result except time being wasted. Yeah, and 90% of search results were tutorials on how to recompile Qt MySQL plugin under Windows.

Yet in the morning I found solution and it was beautifully simple! I just performed one step from Deploying Qt applications, actually just copied the plugins/ directory to the dir where the application executable lives (build-debug/ or build-release/ for my project; I hate the default build-#{ProjectName}-Desktop_5_4_1-Debug/ paths); included the sqldrivers/ directory there (just copied) and created (a bit tuned although) the qt.conf file. That file just pointed the plugins path to the custom one:


To sum everything up:

  1. create a plugins/ directory in your build directory
  2. copy Qt/5.4/Src/qtbase/plugins/platforms/ there
  3. copy Qt/5.4/gcc_64/plugins/sqldrivers/ there too
  4. create qt.conf file in build directory and fill it as mentioned above

And one more hint before the end: to debug why your Qt plugins fail use this application startup switch: QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 ./app_name - this will display plugins debug information.


Filth is an impactful and candid look at the hypocrisy of the mainstream celebrity press, with you playing a photographer tailing a young female star, looking for that all important scoop.

The gameplay in Filth is pretty simple, simply get in the right position and take the snap at the right time.  Taking around five minutes to complete, it’s a pretty grim experience, as you slowly destroy another persons life, just for that all important scoop that your sleazy editor wants.  A short, and dark story of preying on others misfortune.

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Free Weekend on Steam - PAYDAY 2, Red Faction: Guerilla and the whole X-Franchise can be played for free

 A new ‘Free Weekend’ offer has started just recently on Steam. This time you can download and play the full version of nine games, including:

PAYDAY 2, Red Faction: Guerrilla, X: Beyond the Frontier, X-Tension and X2: The Threat are available for Windows operating systems only, while X Rebirth can additionally also be played on Linux operating systems. X3: Reuinion, X3: Terran Conflict and X3: Albion Prelude can be played on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Because these games are available completely for free just for this weekend, you can definitely take a closer look on those games. All of those games are quite fun and worth to be played!

PS: I have been a huge fan of the X titles for years now, but I have to warn you that those games have a relatively steep learning curve and it can be very tricky to grow into those games. A single weekend might not be enough time!

Image Source: Steam

UPDATE: The ‘Free Weekend’ offer on Steam with these games has now ended!