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Gnome 3.14 New Animations

(via 3.14 On Its Way)


The 1993 action game Doom? Yeah, it can manage *nix processes.

Initially started by a University of New Mexico student in 1999 and improved a year later, psDoom is a novelty source port that doubles as a process manager. Monsters tied to processes on the system are spawned in a secret area of E1M1 (or MAP01), with their process details printed on top of them. Wounding these “pid monsters” adjusts their priority, while killing them… kills the process. To make things a little less self-destructive, processes can’t damage each other with infighting.

From the author’s website:

I will not assume any liability for damage caused from running this code. Especially if you are running it as root. In fact, we both know that this will cause damage to the system, and that’s why you want to try it. You have been warned.

Thanks to suicunedude for reminding me of this!

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GNOME 3.14, behind the scenes

Brilliant ! Waiting !

Best Desktop environment ever

A Javascript-based OpenRISC emulator running Linux? Yeah, it runs Doom.

OpenRISC is a project to create an open-source RISC CPU architecture. So naturally somebody wrote an emulator for it in Javascript using asm.js, got Linux to run on it, and did what comes naturally.

To see for yourself, type in “help”, then select Graphic Games > PRBoom.

Thanks to Sebastian Macke for both writing this emulator and telling me about it!

"Installing using the plugin tar.gz:
o Unpack the plugin tar.gz and copy the files to the appropriate location.”

What the bloody hell do they mean by “the appropriate location”?

"Unpack the tar.gz file."

What the SHIT does that even mean?

"Identify the location of the browser plugins directory, based on your Linux distribution and Firefox version"

How the FUCK should I know where that is? Why can’t they just design this crap so it fucking installs itself?

Fuck this bullshit, I didn’t have to go through all this crap for Flash in Firefox, so why should I have be do this shit for Chrome?

Could have gotten fired today...

…for installing linuxmint on a clients old netbook today. He was running XP and I recommended it to him because XP just isn’t safe to use anymore.

He said he wanted us to install it for him. I told him if he brings me a thumb drive I don’t see why we couldn’t.

Of course it wasn’t until after the fact that I find out that “we don’t support linux.”

…whoops lol

On the bright side, his netbook is running like a dream, is much more secure, and will get more years of life out of it.

Oh, and another linux user ;)