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猫打 -にゃんだ- Bardo ED4

The end of Bardo’s fourth path in the Lamento typing game Nyanda. Yes, this is the one you’ve all seen where they start speaking in “nya”s. Now you can all have a context for it.

Translation below the cut. Apologies if it’s somewhat dodgy. Take pity on me, I had to somehow fit the “nya”s into English sentences.

Round 4-4: マタタビ - Silver Vine

Ending 4: にゃー - nya

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The funny thing is, no. Never. I never thought about it once before I was doing it and I think throughout the whole filming of the season, I didn’t really think about it…There’s always those Jekyll/Hyde roles in movies and stuff. I guess maybe I should have researched before hand. I don’t know. I’m also scared of copying what people have done. So maybe I try to keep myself as ignorant as I can possibly be. Because I feel like you get the most pure performance in that way.
—  Dylan O’Brien on preparing to be dark!Stiles (x)