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#bullriding #linkbar #livingthrudastruggle @cat_wonder and @moreniskiz

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#linkbar #bullriding #livingthrudastruggle

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone, this is mod T here, sup?

I’m posting this note here as first post at the blog.
This is an old Homestuck askblog that has been inactive for awhile, and today, we are finally opening this! Please feel free to ask any questions from the current characters we have here.

Also please check out the links at the linkbar, if you are interested to join in to our askblog, feel free to apply! Most of our characters are free so there is actually a big chance for you to get the character you want!

 For now, thats all. Have a wonderful day everyone!

~Mod T is out~

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@xtina2009 #turntup #wetterwednesday #linkbar

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Precious did her thing #wetterwednesday #linkbar #bullriding

I’m going to be supporting da family @kel_just_let_me_b and @kimbaythehashtaghoney at The #LinkBar come show support; besides ain’t no guarantee NIPSCO will have the power on anywhere else.