If Link’s Awakening were made today ⊟

It would probably have more colors than green, though! The re-imagined screenshot comes from Jonatan Iversen-Ejve, who illustrated this for Swedish magazine LEVEL (via gamover mx981). I’m not too enamored with the art style in Iversen-Ejve’s version – it seems a bit too Triple Towns-ish to me – but I’d welcome a remake for Link’s Awakening.

If Nintendo was able to transform the second-best Zelda into the wonderful, modern masterpiece that was A Link Between Worlds, just think what the company could do with the series best entry.

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I’m trying to work more on full pieces and not just character drawings. This was such a learning experience and probably took me way too long to do. But maybe the next one will be quicker!

I entered this into a Game Art Contest - I’m also trying to work on my competitive side, so I would like to hunt down more contests for 2014!