I'm obsessed with Zelda, so I confess, I took this photo.

I just happen to bring that plastic sword with me, and just happen to be passing the the Grand Tetons National Park on our summer vacation, and having remembered that I always believed that the “one NES LoZ booklet photo looks an awful lot like Ansel Adams’s photo of the Grand Tetons” I figured I’d have a look for myself. Lo and behold, the match was made in heaven. So my brother Matt stepped back and used his keep eye to match the shot. Above is the result, which then inspired the making of this Ocarina of Time short film:
Hope you guys enjoy. 

submitted by Mikie Beatty (beatyland)


If Link’s Awakening were made today ⊟

It would probably have more colors than green, though! The re-imagined screenshot comes from Jonatan Iversen-Ejve, who illustrated this for Swedish magazine LEVEL (via gamover mx981). I’m not too enamored with the art style in Iversen-Ejve’s version — it seems a bit too Triple Towns-ish to me — but I’d welcome a remake for Link’s Awakening.

If Nintendo was able to transform the second-best Zelda into the wonderful, modern masterpiece that was A Link Between Worlds, just think what the company could do with the series best entry.

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