My reactions to People’s Skyward Sword Comments

“Skyward Sword sucks!”

“The motion controls make Skyward Sword the worst Zelda game ever.”

“I’ve decided that I’m not going to play/finish playing Skyward Sword because story is stupid.”

“Fi is the most useless companion Link has ever had.”

“Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword are just friends.”

This is just a quick reminder that you can achieve whatever seemingly impossible task you’re working on. You can do anything.

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general-link asked:

Hey Link, Zelda. I'm curious about something. What do you think would have happened in your relationship, if your adventure hadn't occurred? If that black tornado and everything else hadn't happened, what could have been the outcome for both of you?

Hmmm, for me… I think it would’ve taken me even longer to realize how I felt about Zelda. I was still pretty immature in that regard. A relationship was not in my mind at the time. I mostly just cared about graduating. (Though admittedly I was terrible at keeping up with my homework or exams.)

Before the tornado hit, I was already planning to tell Link how I felt about him. So at least that bit would’ve happened sooner than anticipated. What stopped me this time, was that I felt so guilty about everything he had to go through, and the fact he had to stay in the Surface with me, that revisiting that topic was something I hadn’t felt like doing, since I felt I had already asked too much of him. But Link was actually the one who breached it, surprisingly. 

I think, overall, we would’ve still ended up together. Wheter Zelda started it or I, the fact of the matter was that we were attracted to each other in varying degrees, but I feel we would’ve ended up together eventually.

Though, in all honesty I believe that if the whole tornado/adventure thing hadn’t happened, our relationship in Skyloft would’ve been rather… not… meaningless, but standard? Not sure that’s the word I’m looking for…

Typical, perhaps?

Yes, I think that’s as good a term as any.  I think this adventure, as pain-filled, and dangerous as it was, really served to deepen our relationship. It made it more meaningful, and we had this huge thing we shared in common. It was something far bigger than any of us…

So you could say it spices things up. Not just anyone has the chance to make out with a former goddess, you know~

A-a hahaha, okay Zelda you-

-or to carry the Legendary Hero’s legacy if you get my drift.


Bahahahaha!!! (I love doing this…).

After this i feel like i can make art out of anything at any time for example in this picture u see now is not by chalk or pastel or anything you would buy man made in store guess….its drawn by leafs and grass yes thatsrigth leaf and grass its literary made of that ! And if u ask why i did it …emm i got board out side what can i say v ^~^‘v And heey it’s link and navi! I guess i kinda like going green now *wink wink* ;D

anonymous asked:

So if Zelda is a reincarnation of a Goddess, doesn't that technically make Zellie and Daphnes Demigods?

Wow, wouldn’t that be so cool!?

Ha ha, perhaps, but no, they aren’t demigods.

I only held that status when I was Hylia. As Zelda, I’m your regular mortal woman, and my children are regular mortal kids.  Hylia gave up her divinity in the past, and with it, she also gave up her status as a minor deity. Although Hylia’s blood flows in my veins, and it is laden with more magic and power than your regular hylian, I’m still mortal, and Gods willing, I will die of old age like any other human. 

Aw bummer, I guess we don’t get to be gods.

It’s not all that bad! Between your father and I, you two inherited blood rich in magic power, which you could exploit if you wanted to.

Woah, so we could be mages?

Of course! And really powerful ones at that, if you wanted.

Woah, cool! Dad, you should teach me!

Haha, your mother is way better at it than I am. I can hold my own but I think you’d be better off asking her. She’s better at teaching it, too. I only know really simple spells, though if I’m to be honest I don’t use them often. I usually forget I can do magic at all since I went through a lot of my life without magic.

Wielding magic takes a lot of discipline, both in mind, and technique. You have to be mindful of the laws of nature as well, and you must exercise extreme focus. You will also have to consider that using magic feeds on your own life force, so you will have to use it sparingly and responsibly.

O-Oh…It sounds much more complicated than I thought… Is this what you teach at the Academy, Mom?

Sort of, I teach mostly basic, essential spells, but I could teach you more if you ever wanted to.

Oh, yes please!