#912. Snake didn’t return for Sm4sh because he died shortly after Brawl ended. All of the Brawl veterans took the news really hard, and even came back to the Smash World after they heard the news to hold a memorial service in Snake’s honor.The Brawl veterans are still having a hard time getting over Snake’s death. For example, Lucario keeps thinking he senses Snake’s Aura in the halls, Samus pretty much shut down emotionally for the first few weeks back, Peach habitually lists Snake down when inviting others to tea, Meta Knight has gone about pretending that Snake never existed, Link keeps insisting that he can use his ocarina to go back in time and stop Snake from dying, and even Sonic stops by Snake’s old dorm to annoy him only to remember that he’s dead.

Gilded Demon Lord by YvanieArtMaker

I saw that picture one time on the internet where Ghirahim
was compared to the Gilded Sword in Majora’s Mask
and turns out, I LOVE THAT IDEA :D
They really do look similar :O
The main reason is probably only because of the diamonds shapes but still…
They’re both yellow……

Would you imagine if the creators would have made Ghirahim the spirit of that sword and your companion back then?!

Made with my tablet and Paint Tool SAI
All characters belong to Nintendo

#916. Other variations of Links do visit the mansion once in a while like Skyward Sword Link who just takes the kids and Koopalings go-karting. Meanwhile Ocarina of Time/Melee Link visits Twilight (Sm4sh) Link to chat and learn skills from each other, but Melee Link started making dad jokes too. Because of this Chrom tries to have Melee Link join his Dad Group.