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Song: Inside the Pirate Ship

[The Legend of Zelda] The Wind Waker

I thought I’d do something a bit different this time!

I don’t really use woodwinds much at all so I thought I’d practice with this song. I wanted to have a more relaxing feel to it. I added a bit of background ship sounds just for a relaxing soundscape.

ANYWAY!!~ I hope you guys enjoy what I’ve done! 
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Mexican animation shingle Anima Estudios is taking the “Top Cat” franchise back to the bigscreen with “Top Cat Begins.” In 2011, Anima produced “Top Cat: The Movie,” which became the highest grossing Mexican film that year, clocking 2.5 million admissions and its $3.2 million on its opening weekend broke box office records. Toon was theatrically released in more than 25 countries. Warner Bros will distribute “Top Cat Begins” in Mexico.


I’m open to draw anything for you, any fandom, any character, any poster, any anything!  All for you, your own personal work, of whatever you would like.  

I’ve set up three basic guidelines for the commissions:

-The Single

  • one single character on a page, any medium of your choice ( you can pick from the mediums I have used in the works that I have posted, or if you’d like something different don’t be afraid to ask.)

-The Party

  • Any multiple characters, whether it’s Gray Fox with Sonic the Hedge Hog or who knows, it’s up to you!  Each additional character costs $5.  Any medium of your choice (as seen on my page).

-The Poster or Comic Cover

Any character, an Ocelot comic book cover, a Deus Ex poster, really anything at all you can think up, even yourself, I’m happy to oblige.  

If you’re interested, simply contact me on tumblr and let me know what you have in mind, from there we can talk more.  I’ll show you some sketches for it, then upon your approval of the final sketch, payments can be made to my Paypal (the email is, once I see that the payment has been made I’ll begin on the final piece.  Also, if you’re looking to have it done by a specific time, please tell me in advance so that I can get it done for you in time.

If you’re interested just let me know!

You see, there is a gang of insomniacs, there is a sort of solidarity, right, like people who have the same illness. We understand each other right away, because we know that drama. The drama of insomnia is this: it’s that time doesn’t pass. You’re stretched out in the middle of the night and you are no longer in time. You’re not in eternity either. The time passes so slowly that it becomes agonizing. All of us, being alive, are drawn along by time because we are in time. When you lie awake like that, you are outside of time. So, time passes outside of you, you can’t catch up with it.
—  E.M. Cioran, interviewed here.


Exposure to verbal and physical aggression between parents may hurt a child’s ability to identify and control emotions, according to a longitudinal study led by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

The findings, which appear in the journal Development and Psychopathology, also suggest that household chaos and prolonged periods of poverty during early childhood may take a substantial toll on the emotional adjustment of young children.

"Our study points to ways in which aggression between parents may powerfully shape children’s emotional adjustment," says C. Cybele Raver, professor of applied psychology at NYU Steinhardt and the study’s lead author. "Arguing and fighting is psychologically stressful for the adults caught in conflict; this study demonstrates the costs of that conflict for children in the household as well."

Research has demonstrated that exposure to conflict and violence in the home can shape children’s neurobiological, cognitive, and behavioral responses. Increased hypervigilance may support children’s safety in the short term, but can be detrimental for their long-term emotional adjustment. For instance, children who hear or witness their parents fighting may have trouble regulating their emotions in less risky situations, such as a classroom.

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