Somewhere else, not here, there is a woman wandering a desert – a desert not unlike this one, but not like this one either – it’s not the same desert, I need to clarify that.

Also, with her, are great masked warriors – women and men of enormous size who listen as she speaks, and follow her as she walks. She is winning them over because she has survived so much. She is young, but in her experience she is as lost and scared and ancient as the rest of them. [x]

What can I say, I like drawing Dana. In other news I made a process gif of this but photoshop ate the colors. Whoops.


Finally done! My first tutorial and I probably made like a million mistakes and typos :B

I would like to first point out that this tutorial is not for you to rip-off my style with. I do everything I can to make sure my style is original and distinct and therefore I wouldn’t like someone else copying it. What this is for is for you to use the technique and apply it to your own style of artwork. I’m not sure how many people will actually care about me saying this but it would be nice if you could use your own style instead. Thank you! <3

If you have any doubts or spot any big mistakes in this, let me know by sending me a message or whatever. I’d also really love to see what you guys make using this tutorial (if you do) so if you tag it #purplecritter I’ll check it out!

I also wanted to add that I was very much inspired by some amazing art idols of mine such as CanisAlbus, RAE-J and Skia! I probably forgot a bunch of other inspirations but these are the main ones at least.

More of my polygonal art can be found here: