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World Cup Legends by Neil Stevens

"As the countdown to the World Cup in Brazil 2014 begins, I’ve created a handful of illustrative portraits of the legends of the tournament. These are the players who lit up the world with the performances at football’s biggest stage. 

Here we have Maradona, Bobby Charlton, Pelé, Johan Cruyff, Gary Lineker and Michel Platini.”

This is only volume one. There are more legends coming. If there’s enough interest (nudge nudge), Neil’s going to make these available to purchase. You can find more of his excellent work here. [Posted by Eric]


Celebrities from Around the World Tweet Support To Tom Daley

British diving champion and Olympian Tom Daley opened his heart yesterday by announcing that he’s currently in a relationship with a man. Naturally, the world and his dog had an opinion on the matter - Twitter especially giving a voice to all and sundry. Despite some of the predictable homophobic ‘backlash’ and apathy from people who don’t quite get how important Tom’s courage is, the nineteen year-old has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction for his decision to speak so openly. And so, I thought I’d share some of the most high-profile celeb support tweets that gave Tom a hearty virtual pat on the back and showed the world that love will always win out.

Fellow athletes from the sporting world, including fellow diver Matthew Mitcham and ex-rugby player Gareth Thomas offered their support, with Mitcham citing Tom ‘a champion in every sense of the word’.

Musicians speaking out to support the diver included American superstar Lady Gaga, Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue and lesbian X-Factor singer Lucy Spraggan, who confessed that Tom is ‘the only man [she’s] ever google imaged to admire the beauty of!’. We hear ya, Lucy!

TV personalities including Little Britain comedian David Walliams, sports pundit Clare Balding and actor Stephen Fry took to the micro-blogging site to champion Daley’s actions. Fry, whose documentary series exposing anti-gay regimes has been a huge international success, joked: “I opened the second door to my advent calendar and Tom Daley came out. Seriously, @tomdaley1994 congratulations. So happy for you”. Daley took the joke as it was intended, simply replying “haha! Thanks”. 

YouTube vlogger Tyler Oakley had a poignant message to offer his followers when tweeting support to Tom: “being unapologetically yourself is one of the bravest things you can do” and later added: “the right time depends on each person’s journey”. 

Those nine celebrities delivered a message of support and equality to over 55m followers around the world. I’d hazard a wild guess that such a number dwarfs the amount of followers homophobic tweeters reached. And Lady Gaga, Kylie et al are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Others sending Tom their best wishes included actor Neil Patrick Harris, comedian Russell Brand and retired footballer-turned-commentator Gary Linekar. Along with countless other mere mortals, such as yours truly. Reblog or tweet Tom @tomdaley1994 on Twitter to add yourself to that list. :)