Zooey Fans/ Followers! HELP A BROTHA OUT!

I am crying.

I am desperate to watch your highness line-o-rama. (not the actual movie) But it has been taken down on youtube and I CANT FIND IT ANYWHERE!
Please can some one help me, if you’ve got the video upload it, tell me and I’ll reblog it!

If you know where I can watch it please send the link over PLEASE!

Now look at what I am missing out on!?

ps I am looking for the extended line o rama only. not the entire movie which I already have.


Why weren’t all of these in the movie!! So funny!

I can’t help but imagine in the last bit of the Line o rama

where Aubrey is like “get in the house Amy” all upset and Amy looks like she’s going to kill someone….

I imagine that Amy just kicked some guys ass for hitting on her woman. And now Aubrey is demanding Amy to get in the house to have the craziest and wildest “thank you” sex with her woman.

Pitch perfect has become one of my favorite movies ever since one of my friends introduced me to it a few years ago. I love the ideas portrayed in Pitch Perfect, and the clear diversity of the cast. I love the main character’s sassiness, and the whole a Capella idea. The one bad thing about this movie is the extras. They don’t really make much sense, neither do they have much humor. The blooper video called Line-O-Rama is absolutely hilarious though, and I enjoyed it a lot, despite it being short. It’s basically a video of mess-ups or jokes on set with the other cast members. The music for this movie is absolutely perfect! AC out!