Don't know if the British press 'get' Tim and Eric

Chortle Review :“In the end, if you’re a fan of fast changing, would-be anarchic, scatological comedy you’d probably have a blast at this, but for me it was a nightmare of being trapped with a bunch of overexcited children running amok in their chaotic world.”

The Independent Review: “Later, Wareheim dresses as a hamburger and sings: "I like parties/I like fun/I want to live in a hamburger bun.” With that, the final gherkin of despair is laid on top of the messy burger of anti-comedy. Belch. Diarrhoea encore. Bad job.“

at least 

Spoondfed:”While their act is always bound to divide opinion, after that performance I’m sure there’ll be many new converts to the cult of Tim and Eric. “

and the Guardian like ‘em. 

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lindin - KEEL HER (by 0puddle0)


Iceland - day 3 (04/04/2015): the -fucking- golden circle

PART B After Tingvellir we went to see the geysers and the Golden Waterfall, and it wasn’t golden… It was cold, and rainy and windy and we needed to remain ourselves to smile when taking pictures; so we thought “you know what? Fuck it, let’s go for lunch and hot springs”. So we drove back to Laugarvatn. There we had an amazing reindeer burger and chocolate mousse dessert highly recommend by Lonely Planet at Lindin restaurant ( and the owner was really bice!). And then we went to Fontana Spa Hot Springs and OMG! Everything was beautiful and nice afterwards :) So worth it! Forget about the Blue Lagoon, that was the real thing! Sulfur smelly hot springs, sauna, steam room and the cold lake to go into the wild rough nature for the whole experience. If you are in the area, don’t miss that little treasure!

gonna see that fuckin bridge