“Master Baggins, who’s that?”  

“This old thing?  He’s my wretched souvenir from that quest, that’s what.”  

Like they could be cute old people buuuuuut like 98% of the time they would give each other so much shit and mutter scathing commentary under their breath at dull social functions.  The couple that throws shade together stays together.  

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They need to be.
So they'll hold each other and say it with the press of lips and clutch of fingers. Breathe it softly as the frost and shadows grow over both of them.

I believe in you.

From Four Words, part 16 of the Evil Boyfriends Series by linddzz, the author that always manages to shred my heart into a million tiny pieces.

And on that note, this is for her as well. I know it’s like a gajillion days late, but happy birthday! I’ve already embarrassed myself plenty by sending you awkward, half-baked fanart and fanfictions, so I’m going to not send you this link and just hope that you somehow see this. idk. ugh i love you you’re awesome okay i’m done.

RotG fic: The Haunting of Overland House 1/?

Title: The Haunting of Overland House 1/?

Rating: NC-17

Note: Someone prompted linddzz and I kind of hijacked it. Sorry, anon. 

Summary: Koz and his daughter have moved into a loft in a small town in Virginia. It’s spacious and it has a great view over the lake, but they didn’t realise that a ghost called Jack came with it. 

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bluebalance asked:

Radagast prefers animals to people- imagine how enamored he would be with werewolf!bilbo, he'd literally spoil him and maybe help him with his fleas (as he probably gets them during the quest)

omg he would! love! werewolf! bilbo! for that matter, so would beorn.


Had an amazing time camping with zinfandelli and linddzz this weekend!

Highlights include:  a seven-ish mile hike through the mountains with about fifty billion stream crossings that required some creative thinking and lots of swearing and wet socks, some elf/dwarf banter between linddzz and I that only got worse when I got drunk and fell out of a tree, a surprise nighttime visit from our friend bur who came right up to our door to say hi and demand marshmallows, lots of drunken Bagginshield/Barduil musings and exactly three pounds of bacon.

10/10 would go back, always.  Camping with nerds is the best camping~