It is important to note the direction of interpretation. Typology does not make scriptural contents into metaphors for extrascriptural realities, but the other way around. It does not suggest, as is often said in our day, that believers find their stories in the Bible, but rather that they make the story of the Bible their story. The cross is not to be viewed as a figurative representation of suffering nor the messianic kingdom as a symbol for hope in the future; rather suffering should be cruciform and, hopes for the future messianic.
—  George Lindbeck, The Nature of Doctrine

by courtney lindbeck

You are not crazy, They said,

but you’re going insane and this

is the type of illness where

you have to be your own hero.


I don’t tell my therapist my real

issues because I think that

would be rude. We don’t talk about

the voices. Instead we talk

about traffic, nightmares, exlovers.


Do you feel confined in a place, in a time?

Do you scream into your pillow?

Take it out on the front lawn.

Take a knife and stab it instead.


Sometimes when I get lonely

I sit in the psych ward parking lot

and talk to God. If I listen long

enough, I can hear my husband.


It’s him, They told me. It’s him,

I believed. Everything once colorful

has now turned a light gray. I’ve stepped

on three dead birds this week.


I had a dream my husband came back

to me. As he ran into my arms

I became a stiff board and gouged

his eyeballs out with my two rectangular thumbs.


That was no nightmare,

They said.