Best Christmas Gift I could ever have. My amazing boyfriend Nic. He is currently dead asleep cuddled with me in bed. I can’t tell you how amazing he is because there are no words to express how he makes me feel. I don’t ever want to lose him and I don’t plan on it. Merry Christmas Nic :)

I am so lucky to have Nic in my life.

I don’t know what I would do without him anymore. He is my everything. My best friend. My lover. The person I tell everything to. Everything about him is amazing. His smile, his eyes, his laugh, his hair. I would never give him up for the world. I love him so much.

Not to mention he told me last week for Valentine’s Day he is taking me to see Star Wars in 3D! He is perfect!

I am going to say about April was when I saw Nic at Taco Bell and Ethan said I thought that he was cute.

I denied it like hell. I knew who he was. He was the older brother of a kid Ethan used to hang out with in Elementary school. He was a kid I would stare at in the high school because he was cute. I knew nothing about him. I saw him again when me and Shilo went there and met Taco Bell Dan… that is a completely different story though.

Shilo talked to him a bit and said she knew him. I stood there awkwardly as she talked to him. I have come to realize that when I am awkward about something I seem stand offish and like stuck up. I forgot about him during the summer and around September during one the bonfires that Shilo had I saw him again and was pretty surprised to see him there. I don’t know why but I was. I didn’t talk to him. I kept in my safe place and talked only to Harley.

October 2nd the day after my birthday was another bonfire and I helped out a bit more than I did the time before. I didn’t hold anything back that night. I just was me without being shy about it and I ended up talking to Nic. After that is pretty much when our friendship started to expand.

It’s so crazy because if you were to go back to that April when I saw him working and tell me that I was going to be with him one day I would tell you, you were on crack. It’s funny how things happen.