Okay but imagine if Lexa dies, and afterwards Clarke is trying to give the Grounders orders, but they’re like “the commander’s dead. you’re not under her protection anymore” and then all of a sudden, Octavia steps forward and says, “yes she is” and everyone’s jaw just kind of drops (but Bellamy and Lincoln and Clarke are smirking, of course)

I’ve decided to make another fandom family. It’ll be mostly The 100, but if you have any other requests, I won’t stop you <3 

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  • Season 1 or 2:I LOVE season 1, but season 2 has so much more depth
  • Favorite ep. from S1:I am Become Death or Day Trip
  • Favorite ep. from S2:Bodyguard of Lies
  • Overall favorite character:Bellamy
  • Favorite female character:Raven, Clarke, or Octavia. My leading ladies
  • Favorite male character:Murphy probably
  • Least favorite character:Finn, tbfh
  • Favorite platonic relationship:Princess Mechanic
  • M/M pairing:Minty
  • F/F pairing:Clexa
  • Favorite qote:“Grounder princess looks pissed.” “Our princess has that effect”
  • Bellarke or Clexa:I’m all for Clexa, but Bellarke is my #1
  • Linctavia or Jastavia:Linctavia
  • Best on-screen death:***SPOILERS*** Finn, I didn’t like Finn but the scene was amazing
  • We are grounders pt. 1 or pt. 2:Part 2
  • The dropship or camp Jaha:The Dropship :’)
  • Favorite all time moment:The Bellarke hug, am I right ladies
  • Why did you start watching it:I saw a bunch of gif sets on tumblr
  • When you knew you loved the show:“they dropped us on the wrong damn mountain”

The only issue Lincoln has at the doctor: figuring out the most comfortable spot on the floor. (Also, because some people asked: don’t worry, baby Biscuit is fine. This was not a visit related to the brief tremors he had last week nor any other emergency. This was a pre-op neutering exam. And he did wonderfully.)