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I remember when love was a big deal, and when niggas didnt wanna drop the word "LOVE" on girls because they thought they'd look like a simp or a sucka, like it was a sign of weakness..... but nowadays people my age treat it like it's such a sign of weakness or something even if you show that you just LIKE someone... smh. i just find that so stupid. quit acting like a bionic man/woman when you know you're feelin someone, shit none of us are made of stone, we all have souls, and not everyone's out to play you or hurt you. word up.

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Sooo, my birthday was this weekend… March 4th, 2012. it was AWESOME. I saw a gang of dope acts at the SmokeOut Festival (wiz khalifa, low end theory, daedelus, mstrkrft, sublime,  thievery corporation, cypress hill, etc.,) had beautiful home-cooked family luncheon, baked strawberry cupcakes, got NEW super sick art piece (the artist and I have the same birthday) and overall just really enjoyed all the blessings.

I havent put up any personal pics in a while so i finally got a chance today…. 

and YES, I have been wearing that crown all weekend. :)

i guess there is no book or movie to really help you find the right one. we all just gotta realize and accept the fact that the right ones for you or me come very far and very few in between all the bullshit. people always try to take shortcuts tho. you know, like how somebody will front on interests that dont interest them to impress someone that probably aint for them. stop that.