Thaaaaanks, you guys. YOU’RE THE BEST. Our plans are significantly revised from what they were originally (we were supposed to go see How to Succeed in Business tonight), but at least a lot of the local restaurants are still open.

@Tegan, Jordan, and Claire - You guys stay safe too! SILLY HURRICANE. I reaaaaaaally hope we don’t lose power, but I am prepared if we do!

linady52 said: You finally saw it? Yay for Mary & Matthew getting married, Sybil & Branson having a baby, and Bates for still being alive (with life imprisonment)! Those nine months will be long as hell, but it would be worth it. :)

OMG I know. I can’t believe it doesn’t come back until next fall!! I can’t wait for Mary and Matthew’s wedding, Sybil and Branson’s baby, Bates’ exoneration, and hopefully a love interest for Edith!

My favourite part (besides the proposal!) was at the end when Robert and Cora were talking in the library. There was so much love between them, kissing and being adorable; it’s so nice to see their marriage in a better place. ( :

linady52 replied to your post: So The Good Wife was an answer on Jeopardy tonight.
A few months ago, there was a card about matching the children to what TV show. Zach and Grace was one of them for TGW. I nearly yelled at the contestants who got it wrong. All 3 of them. I was like ‘seriously?!’

LOOL, dumb people. But seriously, I was so excited, I was hoping that there would be a TGW question there. And I got 9 right! Which is really nothing, but I feel like a boss, bamf, hbic, take your pick. ( ;