"You’re not an asshole, Thranduil. You’re just trying so hard to be."

Slayers Special volume 27: Stamp to Kill

" oh you seem a bit tense today " jfc Ive spent all day with people the week with people the month with people, and tomorrow and this weekend is going to be more of it. surrounded by people and having to talk to people and Im fucking exhausted and now there’s more people who want me to talk smile make jokes entertain be charming and literally I feel like Im choking and so angry. im so tense everything just makes me fucking livid, literally somebody has to breathe loudly and Ill just want to rip their head off but I cant so it takes even more of my strength to control myself. And you know i love my work I love people I love working with people seriously I wouldnt doniz otherwise but it doesnt always come naturally to me and it takes SO much of my energy some days and then WHY is it so fucking hard to understand that IN MY PRIVATE TIME I want at least one hour to just close the fucking door and not answer my phone and not go anywhere and just BREATHE and not have to feel bad for hurting peoples feelings because I just cant react anymore and they cant understand that not everyone works the same way and just UGH I just get more angry because that’s how I deal with social stress Im so angry I could kill a man right now

1) “feanor is that crazy evil guy responsible for everything bad that ever happened and who made the silmarils (which were basically just a couple of pretty jewels)”

2) “thranduil is the greedy asshole isolationist dwarf racist father of legolas”

3) “I dont mind ANY of the alterations PJ made in his adaptations but I draw the line at their introduction of tauriel because she is a useless mary sue who gets in the way of my favourite cis male relationships”



like their bodies grew more slowly than those of Men but ~in mind more swiftly~ and they talked way before they were one year old so you just have all these wise cracking BABIES like literally BABIES but they probably wanna discuss the news with you at five months old and then also like elves sleep with their eyes open right???? so say you’re babysitting elves and you have those weird elf babies just lying around motionless with their eyes open and you’re like oh my god ISITDEAD??? and the baby is just like ‘do not worry yourself gentle guardian I was merely dozing’ BUT IT’S TINY AND PINK and has tiny hands AND CANT EVEN WALK YET but then apparently they start doing that too real quick??? // (supervisional) NIGHTMARES. // and also like feanor he was even EARLIER with everything so what like he came out of the womb and had tengwar half invented and was questioning the status quo what the fuck elf babies are so creepy I want 10