Tonight’s Angel Radio comes from one of my favourites the amazing Zeruel the Angel of the Ever Lasting Arms - please note the image is one of a new series of the Spirit Light greeting cards collection that is available now from and which we will be launching in the flesh at the Ilkley Complementary Medicine Festival this 28th & 29th of March

“As day time draws to a close and the sun begins to sink towards the horizon the sky becomes transformed from blue to shades of lavender and violet, these are my colours, the colour of my energy and power, the colour of Zeruel. I am the Angel of the Ever Lasting Arms, the Angelic hug personified, mine is the power to comfort and uplift, to support during times of weariness and sadness, exhaustion and pain. At this time of day, at dusk my energy and presence is close, it reaches down to Earth and wraps its arms, it wings about the world. At this time of day, this liminal time, this space between the worlds my power is open and available for all those who might need it, for all those whose souls cry out for comfort and love. Take yourself out into this light and tilt your head to heaven and breathe in the light, breathe in the light, breathe in the light and colour. Draw it in, draw it deep, into your core and being, into your centre and there feel my embrace loving you, hugging you with the presence of the Divine. Holding you ever and always close to the light of the Source, I am Zeruel and my light and power is yours, to help you ever and always.” #angelradio #edwincourtenay #zeruel #ipssissimus #psychicart #angel #everlastingarms #liminalspace #dusk #violet #lavender #ilkleycomlementarymedicinefestival


Joana (Day 1):

anxieties of communicating in virtual spaces

(1) “couldn’t decide what I wanted to text you.”

(2) “anxiety about the fact that maybe you won’t answer or maybe you never received the message or maybe lost your phone or”

as I was experimenting with scanning my phone, I noticed the distortion of the object into something that looked fluid. I connected this to the act of writing and re-writing a message. I thought about how communication through virtual spaces (texting, instant messaging) is something that can cause a lot of anxiety. The sender may worry a lot about how she comes across and so the message gets written, edited, maybe even deleted entirely and re-written. Once the message is sent there’s a somewhat permanent record of the attempt to communicate, to reach out…a window is created between 2 (or more people). There’s an expectation that the person will see it and soon respond. Now many of those spaces have an indicator that the receiver has seen the message which leads to further expectation of them replying quicker. 

Liminal Space: Oneirataxia opened tonight at @artobscuragallery! And you HAVE TO see it!
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This was a happy accident, after printing I realised it looked over edited and at first dismissed it. However, after looking at all my other images this one really stood out to me. I think this is due to the over editing producing almost a retro, old feel - it certainly brought something new to the image.

I think the juxtaposition of the garish pink sky with a modest simple image of nature is what really interested me - it brings life to an otherwise empty liminal space. On retrospect, this fits in with what I was trying to do by incorporating silhouettes into a liminal space. 

I thought my previous annotations were a tad dark! I wanted to pull back s little bit - here’s try number 2 #behindthescenes on my #iphonetography of photographer @kimisa_h and stylist @katelyndjohnson’s story board #throughthelookingglass #discoinferno #alice #duality #animusanima #yinyang #stairwaytoheaven #liminalspace #lightswitch #yellowandpurple #theattic #complementary #theothersideofthemirror #tunnels #purgatory #thepassage #blackswan #ballerina #thejourney #whitequeen #ladderclimbing #gateway makeup by @elizabethchangmakeup hair by #erykbrian #editorial #fashion #narratives (at Tunnel, Passage, Liminal Space)